Julie Seabaugh

As a professional comedy journalist of two decades Julie Seabaugh has contributed to The New York Times, LA Times, Rolling Stone, Hollywood Reporter, GQ, Variety, The A.V. Club, The Village Voice, LA Weekly, and numerous other alt-weeklies. Her coverage of modern roasting culminated in 2018 book Ringside at Roast Battle and her love of Mitch Hedberg led to producing/hosting 2020’s Hope on Top: A Mitch Hedberg Oral History for SiriusXM. With Emmy-nominated filmmaker Nick Scown she co-directed September 2021 feature documentary Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11 for Vice. Most recently, 2022’s 50 Years of the Comedy Store six-LP vinyl box set features her liner notes. SiriusXM’s Positive Connections: A Brody Stevens Oral History airs in February 2023.

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