Julia Masli

Photo by Robert Ormerod
Julia Masli poses for a portrait ahead of her late night show, “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.” at the The Monkey Barrel comedy club during The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Julia Masli is an award-winning clown from Estonia, based in London. 

All she wants to do is solve people’s problems and eventually win the Nobel Prize, presented to those who have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind. But this plan keeps going wrong as she continually wins prizes for comedy. 

It was bad enough when she was the winner of the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality in 2019 and her debut show ‘Choosh’ – about a migrant’s struggles in the USA – was one of the most acclaimed comedy shows of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022. But in 2023, things spiralled when she set out to help audience members in ‘ha ha ha ha ha ha ha’, which you can read about in the New York Times here.

This serious, important event was nominated for Edinburgh’s top prize of Best Comedy Show and named number one comedy show of the year by the ‘Guardian’, before being invited for a four-week, completely sold-out run at London’s Soho Theatre. The show ‘ha ha ha ha ha ha ha’ is transforming lives so Soho Theatre had to add a further 4 week London run, Melbourne International Comedy Festival is flying her over to tackle Australia’s problems and she is coming to New York City in May for a 4 week Off-Broadway run at Soho Playhouse to save USA!

Julia has taught at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and at various drama schools in the UK, and she will go back to doing that as soon as people stop mistaking her for some kind of comedy act!


Photo by Robert Ormerod

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