Jill Nadeau

Jill grew up in a rural part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She attended Marquette University in Milwaukee where she majored in Broadcast Communications and minored in Film. She is a big fan of the MU basketball program and played in the pep band throughout her college career.

Over the years she has held positions in a number of industries, including assisting a veterinarian, working as a draftsperson, house painter, customer service rep, florist, healthcare communication specialist, graphic designer, community director, non-profit fundraiser and before coming to WPR, she ran the community access television station in Watertown, WI.

Jill feels that all the various jobs she held were all in preparation for tenure with the Larry Meiller Show.

“There’s not much that we talk about that I don’t have a basic understanding of,” she said. “It really helps me screen calls and prepare Larry’s script. Except for fishing – I’m really clueless!”

Jill says the best part of her job is learning new things and talking to really interesting people everyday.

She oversees the Larry Meiller Show team and also produces, does call screening and occasionally hosts when Larry is out.

Her hobbies include theater, DIY, reading and watching movies.