Jesse Wellington

Jesse was born in Germany but grew up in Monroe and attended the UW-Madison. After living the urban life in Vancouver, Canada for a decade she decided to return to Monroe with the goal of building a homestead to raise her own food. She is a self-taught shepherd and gardener, and has learned a lot from 10 years of trial and error farming. Jesse loves to experiment and innovate on the farm, and is constantly searching for new and better ways of doing things.

Jesse owns Red House Farm. It sits on top of a ridge outside of Monroe, Wisconsin It is a family homestead with a focus on raising their own food and living as sustainably as possible. They raise sheep, tend chickens, produce maple syrup, and grow fruits and vegetables in their market garden. They have also restored native prairie to feed honey bees and sell eggs, lamb shares, honey, fruits and veggies as well as sheep and wool products to offset some costs of the farm.

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