Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson has been the Director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research since 1991. He has overseen the evolution of the Center for Community Research into the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research. He wrote the expansion plan and has helped to build the IPOR team.

Wilson still retains primary responsibility for writing questionnaires, press releases, and reports, except consumer confidence polls. He is a professor of political science at Roanoke College in addition to his work with IPOR. His area of expertise is American politics, having earned a Ph.D. from Rutgers University and a M.A. and B.A. from Penn State University. He is the author of Guns, Gun Control, and Elections (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007) in addition to numerous journal articles and conference presentations. He is the political analyst for WDBJ-7 TV in Roanoke. His newest book, “The Triumph of the Gun-Rights Argument: Why the Gun Control Debate Is Over” comes out in January 2015.

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