Frankie Quiñones

This Fool is a scripted comedy set in working class South Central LA. The heart of the series is the relationship between Julio (Estrada) and his cousin Luis (Quiñones), who has recently been released from prison and joins the gang rehabilitation non-profit that Julio works for – Hugs Not Thugs. Julio and Luis are complete opposites, making for a truly funny, complicated, ever evolving relationship. Luis has a tough time adjusting to major cultural shifts (and convinced his 2005-era antics are still socially acceptable today.)

Oftentimes, when you see gang members/ex-cons represented in TV/Film they are associated with violence. “This Fool” offers a non-judgement look instead, humanizing the people in rehabilitation programs and putting them in a comedic setting where they are earnest about wanting to change their lives.

You might be familiar with Frankie already, he is widely known as Creeper, the fitness guru behind the viral sensation CHOLOFIT. (CholoFit Workout on YouTube)

Off-screen, Frankie also has a new podcast THE FRANKIE QUINOÑES SHOW, presented by Will Ferrell’s Big Money Players Network and iHeart Radio, featuring sketches of colorful characters based on the friends and family that helped shape him into the powerhouse comedian he is today. Last year he also released SUPERHOMIES, his HBO comedy special.

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