Colin Crowley

Colin grew up in Beloit, Wisconsin, and spent a lot of time as a youth on the dairy farm in Lyndon Station, WI that his ancestors settled and where his father grew up. He came from a family of farmers, and even though he grew up in a city, like many Wisconsinites his farming heritage and the time he spent on his family farm had a big influence on his life.

From 2007-2017, he lived in East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya and spent ten years traveling the world as a multimedia producer for an international aid organization. His work overseas often took him to rural villages across Africa and Asia where agriculture is the main source of livelihood for most people. This gave him a firsthand view of how vital growing crops and raising livestock is to people around the world.

A year after he moved back to Wisconsin he joined Wisconsin Public Television and in early 2019 he took over as producer for Around the Farm Table. The experience of producing this show has given me a great opportunity to reconnect with his home state, and to meet different farmers and agricultural producers around the state.

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