Cindy Kuhrasch

Cindy Kuhrasch is the PE Teacher Education program coordinator in the UW-Madison School of Educationexercise. She has a Master’s degree from University of WI-La Crosse in Human Performance, a Bachelor’s degree in both Health Education and Physical Education; as well as Red Cross certification in advanced first aid and CPR. She has had the opportunity to teach Health and Physical education to students in grades K-12, and undergraduate students as well. She is currently employed as an assistant faculty member at the University of Wisconsin. In addition, Kuhrasch has served as a consultant in many school districts, working in the areas of curriculum development, instructional strategies, and technology. She has over twenty years experience in course development, implementation, and evaluation. And has presented on a wide variety of education topics at state, district, and national conventions, and has written numerous articles in national educational journals.

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