Bill Volkert

Bill worked as the naturalist and wildlife educator for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources at Horicon Marsh for 27 years, where he conducted more than 3,700 education programs for over 220,000 people. His broad audiences included 66 delegations of scientists from 43 countries who came for professional training. In his personal time he has traveled widely in search of the world’s birds and the wild places they inhabit. His travels have taken him throughout Central and South America, across the Canadian Arctic, to Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Borneo, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Mongolia.

From September 2014 to April 2015, Bill and his wife Connie traveled to twelve countries during a seven and a half month trip. They sighted more than 120 kinds of mammals and over 1,300 species of birds, including over a thousand lifers, and took more than 35,000 pictures.

​Bill has been watching and studying birds for over 40 years and in his travels has sighted more than 3,750 species (1/3 of the world’s birds). To facilitate his studies he is also a federally licensed master bird bander, with the Bird Banding Laboratory of the U.S. Geological Survey.

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