Open and Shut

From Wisconsin Watch and Wisconsin Public Radio

Open and Shut: A Special Series By Wisconsin Watch and Wisconsin Public Radio


"Open and Shut" is a narrative, seven-part investigative series following two district attorneys in Wisconsin's Fox Valley and their impact on victims, the accused and the justice system. "Open and Shut" is a joint production of Wisconsin Watch and WPR.


Hosted by Phoebe Petrovic and reported by Phoebe Petrovic and Dee J. Hall.

Producers — Nina Earnest, Phoebe Petrovic

Editor — Karen Given

Production assistants — Enjoyiana Nururdin, Clare Amari

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Technical director — Brad Kolberg

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Digital design — Amanda Starich, Anna Rueden and Jane Jiumaleh

Legal review — Christa Westerberg, Aaron Dumas

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