How much should I spend on a wedding present? Life Kit’s tips of the month

By Life Kit

The great thing about working on Life Kit is that the editors and producers get to pick up all sorts of nifty life hacks that save money, enhance our relationships and make our everyday lives more joyful.

Here are nine expert tips from our April episodes we were most excited to share — and put into practice in our own daily lives.

1. Planning a big trip? Consider traveling during “shoulder season,”

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It’s often less expensiveCondé Nast Traveler2. The rule that your wedding gift should cost as much as your plate is outdated,an old wives’ tale3. To prevent digital eye strain, follow the 20-20-20 rulesay eye experts4. To truly connect with a poem, don’t worry about figuring out what the poet is trying to sayfocus on how you feel5. Don’t depend on an anti-choking device if your baby is choking, say pediatriciansThe evidence-backed and proven methoddo CPR6. Start talking to your kids about vaping when they’re in elementary schoolwant to be the first person to have that conversation with them7. Think of your birthday as your own personal holiday.Make your day special againyou8. In negotiation, avoid simple yes or no answers by trying a tactic called “a menu of options,”expand the possibility of a favorable outcome9. Tired of having roommates? Consider “communal living.” people who co-live don’t just simply live together as roommates
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