Columbia students barricade themselves in campus building; China’s EV vehicles

By Suzanne Nuyen
Demonstrators supporting Palestinians in Gaza barricade themselves inside Hamilton Hall, where the office of the dean is located on April 30, 2024 in New York City.
Demonstrators supporting Palestinians in Gaza barricade themselves inside Hamilton Hall, where the office of the dean is located on April 30, 2024 in New York City.
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Today’s top stories

Student protesters at Columbia University have begun occupying at least one building this morningleave their encampment
  • NPR’s Brian Mann says “things changed fast” after he reported on Up First yesterday that both sides were working on de-escalation. One of the major groups that organized this protest said in a statement that their main encampment is peaceful and separate from the group of students occupying Hamilton Hall, but said the students’ actions were “justified.” As school graduations loom, Mann says universities nationwide are “really struggling” to end these protests without resorting to police force.
Charlotte, N.C., is mourning one of the deadliest days for law enforcement in the city’s history.shot and killed
  • In the last three decades, there have been two incidents where multiple officers were killed in North Carolina, Kenneth Lee with NPR network station WFAE in Charlotte reports. The city’s police chief choked up as he described Joshua Eyer, one of the slain officers who was recently awarded Officer of the Month. An investigation is ongoing as police try to put together what happened and why.
A federal appeals court has ruled that state health insurance plans in West Virginia and North Carolina must cover gender-affirming care. obviously discriminatory

Today’s listen

NPR’s Steve Inskeep recently attended this year’s Beijing auto show,Listen to why American carmakersimprove their game

Life advice

In the U.S., many weddings occur between May and October, Dear Life Kit navigate wedding etiquette
  • Guests don’t have to spend what the couple spent on them. The average person spends $120 on a gift.
  • Your plus-one shouldn’t be expected to chip in for the gift. 
  • Couples should avoid telling guests how much they spent. It could make guests feel guilty.
  • The rule that the bride’s family should pay for the wedding is outdated. Sit down with both families to decide who should be in charge of what.

3 things to know before you go

  1. What happens when Banksy graces your property with one of his works? While some property owners try to turn a profit from the street artist’s murals, others have carried the intense and costly responsibility of protecting them.
  2. The World Health Organization says its latest global measles numbers are “very concerning.” The first several months of 2024 have seen nearly 100,000 measles cases. 
  3. Scientists have discovered a way to restore brain cells impaired by a life-threatening genetic disorder called Timothy syndrome. The approach may help researchers develop treatments for other genetic conditions, including the ones that cause schizophrenia, epilepsy and ADHD. 
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