Car plows into parked SUV in Biden’s motorcade outside Delaware campaign headquarters

President Biden reacts after hearing a loud bang as he leaves his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Del., on Sunday.
Updated December 18, 2023 at 10:18 AM ET

WILMINGTON, Del. — A car plowed into a parked SUV that was guarding President Joe Biden ‘s motorcade Sunday night while the president was leaving a visit to his campaign headquarters. The president and first lady Jill Biden were unharmed.

While Biden was walking from the campaign office to his waiting armored SUV, a sedan hit a U.S. Secret Service vehicle that was being used to close off intersections near the headquarters for the president’s departure. The sedan then tried to continue into a closed-off intersection, before Secret Service personnel surrounded the vehicle with weapons drawn and instructed the driver to put his hands up.

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Biden paused and looked over toward the sound, surprised, before he was ushered into the vehicle, where his wife was already seated, before being driven swiftly back to their home. His schedule was otherwise unaffected by the incident.

Steve Kopek, a U.S. Secret Service spokesman, said the president’s motorcade departed without incident. Local Wilmington police were handling the crash, which means the driver was not considered a serious threat to the president.

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