Women In Music – An Anthology


Among the many fine publications on women in music is Carol Neuls-Bates’ anthology of source readings from the Middle Ages to the present, “Women In Music”, published by Northeastern University Press, 1982.

Championed as a core resource for scholarship and instuction. It rightfully belongs among today’s field of scholarly texts “centering on a growing field of gender specfic” research on music. –Susan C. Cook, University Of Wisconsin School of Music.

The voices of women such as Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, Clara Schumann, and Marian Anderson resonate as they emerge from the wide range of materials in this volume, which includes letters, diaries, poems, novels, and reviews that reveal women’s achievements not only as patrons and educators but also as composers and performers.

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Reviewing additional sources would be beneficial in that a good number of women in music are not cited. For the committed researcher, this does not dimished the viability of the work, but only serves in the view of this surveyor, to inspire deeper investigation.

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