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Wisco Kidz Hope Packers Song Helps Push Team To Super Bowl

Green Bay Rappers' Track Is Latest To Be Dedicated To The Green And Yellow

Randall Cobb
Matt Ludtke/AP Photo

Two Green Bay rappers are continuing a tradition of honoring the Packers in song.

The Wisco Kidz are paying tribute to the team’s comeback this NFL season with a rap that’s gotten more than 158,000 views on YouTube as of early afternoon Thursday.

Wisco Kidz – Javier “Kyrie” Lockridge, left, and Michael “YD” Boyd. Courtesy of Alex VanCampenhout of Wisco Kidz

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The Wisco Kidz, Javier “Kyrie” Lockridge and Michael “YD” Boyd, released the song Monday, Jan. 2, before the Green Bay Packers victorious Wild Card game last Sunday at Lambeau Field.

The two Green Bay rappers know their football because the lyrics of “Run the Table” dissect the season along with the Packer’s slump and subsequent upswing. In fact, the two met as students at Green Bay’s Southwest High School where they were on the football team together.

“Aaron Rodgers with the wrist
Eddie Lacy with the truck stick
Clinton-Dix with the picks…”

The viral song is about overcoming adversity, YD said.

“It’s just winning out, you know, and beating the odds, doing what people don’t think you can do. It’s like ultimate confidence. You can run the table,” YD said. “Our back’s against the wall, you know, so what’s the move from here? What’s the goal from here?” YD said. “It’s to win out, to run the table, to beat the odds. Do what everybody doesn’t think we can do.”

The two wrote the song before the Packers played the Detroit Lions last Sunday, which brought the team one step closer to the Super Bowl.

Kyrie credits Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for inspiring the song. “Obviously, he’s the one that mentioned to ‘run the table’ and inspired us to write the song,” Kyrie said.

The hip-hop Wisco Kidz don’t specialize in football songs, and even though their song has been getting plenty of attention by fans and the media, they say they’re not profiting because they lifted the beat from another artist, and the footage on their video belongs to the NFL.

YD pointed out a lack of profits has never seemed to stop artistic Packers fans from immortalizing the team. There are “a lot of cheesy, cheesy ones. Corny ones. We’re actually artists. We actually make good music outside of just the Packer song,” YD said.

Kyrie said the Wisco Kidz were partly inspired by one of their favorite artists, Lil’ Wayne’s, 2011 “Green and Yellow” tribute to the Packers and fellow cheese heads.

“I put it down, representin’ for my team
I’m in green and yellow, green and yellow
Green and yellow, green and yellow…”

The two Wisconsin rappers would like to work with the famous rapper.

“Everybody’s finding out he was a Packers fan,” Kyrie said “… But hopefully (when) we go to the Super Bowl this year we can collab with Wayne and make something with Wisco Kidz and Lil’ Wayne collaboration.”

Musical Packers tributes go back at least to 1996’s “Packerena,” which is pretty much lost on the Wisco Kidz, though they give the artists credit.

“We are cheese heads cheering at the Lambeau
This is the year we make it to the big show
Farve passes, makes touch downs,
and we will do the Lambeau Leap in Titletown…”

Kyrie gave a polite assessment when the song was played for him. “It’s creative,” he said. YD was equally polite, “Yup, it’s creative, I’ll give them that.”

Both of the Kidz said Packers fans’ loyalty inspire songs about the team. As YD said, the two just wanted to convey their own devotion.

Their song is “a lighthearted, fun fight song for us to go into the playoffs,” YD said. “Because I feel like a lot of people make these songs and they’re not really like, they don’t get them jacked up in the locker room – like, ‘Yeah, let’s go do this!’ I want them to be like, ‘Yes!’”

Fans will see if the Packers can “run the table” against the Dallas Cowboys at 3:40 p.m. Sunday at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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