Survey Of The World’s Major Musical Cultures

A Worthy Read For An Excursion To The Island

Book Cover, Oxford University Press, Popperfoto, Ceremonial Trumpets on the Roof of Gundeling Monastery, Tibet.

“This volume contains a wide-ranging survey of musics of the world in historical and social contexts, from ancient times to the present day. It begins by describing aspects of musical style and function in relation to the early developments of civilizations, as background to a study of later transformations. It then describes, in some detail, musical traditions of Africa and Asia, in relation to history/geography and to other aspects of culture. A compendium of information currently available as well as a dialectical examination of musical causation and function, this book aims to lead students, teachers, and those who practice Western music towards a deeper understanding of the various musical traditions that contribute to the modern, multicultural environment.” Oxford Press

I’ve had a copy since 2014. I’m just beginning to delve into and appreciate its value to the tapestry of world music discourse. And thought the text might be best suited best for academic and library settings as a reference source, Fletcher’s wide-ranging travel and his in depth research speaks to these unsettling times for “people who care about music.”

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