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Premiere: Eau Claire’s Waldemar Release ‘Visions’ EP

Listen To Singer/Songwriter Gabe Larson's Lush 4-Song Set


I can’t listen to the “Visions EP” (released today) from Eau Claire’s Waldemar without picturing a nostalgic American landscape.

This four-song set has hills and valleys, huge vistas in the choral vocal arrangements, rocky canyons in the percussion, sun-speckled forest canopy in the horns and a winding river of ambient guitar work. When singer/songwriter Gabe Larson’s voice rises and verse releases to chorus, he wants us to feel it in our chests.

Listen to the whole thing right here:

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The “Visions EP” is painting with sound, and it’s a heavy dose of Americana. Whether Waldemar’s future has them traveling to other points on that established map or drawing their own map remains to be seen. It should be interesting to follow their travels either way.

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