Playlist For #1073

ARC Music Production's 2015 Album "Discovery World Music"

Edition #1073 Features world music by: Richie Havens, Hugh Masekela, Tedeschi Trucks Band, blues man Eric Bibb, Yale Strom, Tony Allen, Bellowhead, Diabel Cissokho, Bela Fleck, Toumani Diabaté, Femi Kuti, Chanticleer, French singer Camille, Indian Classical music by Shruti Sadolikar, Belgrades’ Ljiljana Buttler, Gnawa music by Nour-Eddine, Huong Thanh & Nguyen Le, Guo Yue & Joji Hirota, South African Players, Ana Alcaide, Karunesh, Tito Nieves, and Michalis Terzis (full playlist and order published here at the start of the broadcast; playlist subject to change without notice).

Several featured works appear on the 2015 Release “Discover World Music” with ARC Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

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#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 1


1. Michalis Terzis ‘Chasaposerviko Politiko’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 11 3.12

Mi-cha-lis Ter-zis is an important contemporary composer. From Athens where Terzis resides comes the composition Chasa-pose-rviko Po-li-ti-ko. Chassaposerviko is a Greek Dance which belongs to the Rembetiko tradition. Politiko with a “k”, is a place with a very small population in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

2. Tito Nieves ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing’ #656 Tk 4 4:14

Joined by singer Alexandra, Tito Nieves interprets the popular song, How Do You Keep The Music Playing. Tito Nieves: Éxitos Eternos, Universal Music Video Distribution, 2004

3. Eleftheria Arvanitaki ‘Sappho’ Alb Tk 8 3:15

Greek folksinger Elef-theria Arvani-taki sings a song of tribute to the 5th century lyric poet Sappho-who was during her life an immensely popular writer through much of antiquity. Only fragments of her work remains.

4. Karunesh ‘Bombay Pure’ Alb Tk 10 5:34

Ka-ru-nesh is a German-born New Age and ambient musician. His music has strong Indian influences prevalent throughout his body of work including the liberal use of Indian instruments, like the sitar. Karunesh presents Bombay Pure.

India: The Greatest Songs Ever (Series), Petrol Records International, 2007

5. Andre Hajj & Ensemble ‘Mah’Iqaa’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 2 2.53

Andre Hah-chu is a Lebanese musician who grew up in a family of musicians – his mother an accordion player, was gifted singer. Influenced by the musical atmosphere at home, Hah-chu, at the age of 16 begain his studies in music eventually, graduating with a diploma in Oud – a distant cousin to the lute. He performs Mah Iqaa – My Prayer.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

6. The South African Players ‘Kaira’ #806 Tk 4 2.06

The South African Players salute Nelson Mandela with a collection of Freedom Songs from the album Nelson Mandela – Freedom’s Hero. The album includes the tune Kaira.

Nelson Mandela – Freedom’s Hero, Big Eye Music, 2008

7. Daby Touré ‘Kelimanta’ CD 1 Tk 2 3:11

Raised in Senegal here is the artist Daby Touré with Keli-man-ta.

BBC Awards For World Music, Manteca, 2006

8. Jeff Oster ‘Saturn Calling’ #712 Tk 7 5:28

Jeff Oster is an American brass instrument player who has recorded music for flugelhorn or trumpet. Here Oster presents the work Saturn Calling from the Album True.


#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 2

9. Ana Alcaide ‘El Pozo Amargo’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 1 5.16

Performing on the Nyckelharpa (nicklehapa), a traditional Swedish string instrument that dates from medieval times – 5th -15th century, is Ana Alcaide from Madrid, Spain. Alcaide is a performer, composer and music producer who also conducts research on ancient traditions and cultures with interest of late in the Sephardic music of Jews. From her repertoire comes El Poh-so A-mar-go.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

10. Trilok Gurtu ‘ Witness To Marriage’ CD2 Tk 13 6:15

Trilok Gurtu is an Indian percussionist and composer, whose work has blended the music of his homeland with jazz fusion, world music and other genres performs Witness To Marriage. BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music, Union Square Music, 2003

11. Guo Yue & Joji Hirota ‘Himalayas (China)’ Alb Tk 13 7:12

With artists Goo-yoh and Joji Hirota, here is a taste of musical commentary from a lone Chinese flute. It begins with a mournful and spiritual texture. And yet it is vibrant celebrationy of life. The occasional thumb cymbal and percussion appear as well on the composition ‘Himalayas’.

The Rough Guide To The Music of the Himalayas, World Music Network, 2002

12. Rossy ‘ Madagasikara’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 3 3.21

With the artist Rossy, here’s a rather upbeat number fashioned after traditional dance music from Madagascar, though not without touch modernity. Have of the proceeds from their musical sales go to Treemad, a Madagascar based charity.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

13. Sonora Carruseles ‘Cocinado la SalsaSalsaSym#2 Tk 2 5:11

Colombian Sonora Carruseles burst into the local tropical scene performing Afro-Caribbean rhythms, including a traditional style known as salsa brava, originated in the 1960s. Sanora Caruseles performs coe-see-nah-tho la salsa.

Heavy Salsa, MiamiRecords, 1999

14. Ensemble Accentus ‘Todos los bienes del mundo’CD1Tk 18 2:59

It was in Spain that a particular national music was encouraged. In spite of the expulsion of the Jews and the conquest of the Moorish kingdoms where diverse traditions of learning and the arts had flourished, Spanish music retained identifiable elements of what had been rejected. Something of this can be heard in the 460 surviving compositions preserved in the Cancionero de Palacio, a royal collection of music at the Spanish court in the first decades of the sixteenth century. Featuring the Ensemble Accentus with Thomas Wimmer here is the composition Todos los bienes del mundo (All The World’s Goods) from that period. After, we’ll take a sharp left turn to the land of jazz giant, Art Tatum. The World Of Early Music, Naxos, 1989

#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 3

15. Art TatumBuddy Rich & Lionel Hampton ‘This Can’t Be Love’ #674 Tk 1 6:16

You get to feel the heat and the cool of jazz pianist-stylistically stride pianist Art Tatum…listen to his runs…Buddy Rich swinging on the drums never dominates the performance…playing in the pocket, really classical sounding…then catch Rich’s solo as Tatum and Vibraphonist Lionel Hampton comp underneath.

The Tatum Group Masterpieces, Vol. 4, Fantasy Inc. 1990

16. Petru Guelfucci ‘Corsica’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 10 5.00

Sharing an example of the beautiful songs crafted in Corsica, is Petru Guelfucci with a song of tribute to Corsica, the Mediterranean island positioned west of Italy and southeast of the French mainland. Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

17. Ljiljana Buttler ‘Zvonija, Zvonija’ #722 Tk 13 4:59

LJILJANA BUTTLER was born in Belgrade, her father was an accordion virtuoso and her mother a Croatian singer. But her father left soon after she was born and her mother had to support herself and her child, singing in bars. They settled in Bijeljina, a small town in Bosnia…Her performance on the album shows why, in the former Yugoslavia, she was referred to as the ‘Gypsy Ella Fitzgerald’ and the ‘Billie Holiday of Gypsy Music’, but mostly she was called lovingly the ‘Mother of Gypsy Soul’.

The Mother Of Gypsy Soul, Snail Records, 2002

18. Chanticleer ‘Keep Your Hand On The Plow’ Alb Tk 7 3:36 Based in San Francisco, is the choral ensemble Chanticleer, talented and popular as demonstrated by way of multiple performances in Wisconsin with renditions like Keep Your Hand On the Plow. Cite concert…

How Sweet The Sound, Warner Classics, 2004

19. Nour-Eddine ‘Bania’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 4 4.16

If you’re a fan of Gnawa music from Morocco, then the mesmerizing texture of the work Bania, may rekindle your affection. The work features the Gimbri and traditional linked to Gnawa music. When amplified it may remind you of the Western bass guitar.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

20. Huong Thanh & Nguyen Le ‘Fragile Beauty’ CD2 Tk 9 5:14

Vietnamese vocalist Wohn Tah-nee rose to fame in the new millennium as her nation’s premier jazz talent. Thanh was brought up in a musical household steeped in traditional music. Mentored by her father, Wohn was trained in the complex musical style blending the demands of a complex tonal language with operatic expression and storytelling. She studied formally in Saigon, toured Europe extensively and released highly acclaimed material exploring traditional Vietnamese music with jazz sensibilities. With guitarist and composer of Vietnamese ancestral music -New-yen Lahh, Wohn Tah-nee performs Fragile Beauty. Great Moments In World Music, Songlines Compilation, 2008

#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 4

21. Byron Metcalf ‘Facing The Answers’ #712 Tk 3 8:52

With an appetite for crafting Ambient music, percussionist Byron Metcalf and friends perform Facing The Answers.

Helpers, Guides & Allies…Navigating The Shamanic Landscape, Inner Works, 1998

22. Carlos Barbosa-Lima ‘Tico Tico’ SlsaSym #2 Tk 3 2.31

Brazilian guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima performs Tico Tico. You may in fact recognize the the familiar motif. Siboney, ZOHO, 2004

23. Toumani Diabate’s SymmetricOrch ‘Ya FamaWndwA Tk 7 4.55

Toumani Diabaté is a Malian kora player. In addition to performing the traditional music of Mali, he has also been involved in cross-cultural collaborations with flamenco, blues, jazz, and other international styles. Diabate and the Symmetric Orchestra perform Ya Fama. Boulevard de l’Indépendance, World Circuit, 2006

24. Sibongile Khumalo ‘Mayihlome’ Alb Tk 4 3.52

The gifted singer (See-bone-ghee-lay Koo Mahl-oh) is a South African singer born in Soweto and guided by her father, a professor of music. She studied violin, singing, drama and dance. Appearing on the recording Women Of Africa on Putumayo Records, Khumalo raises a battle cry against HIV/Aids in South Africa on the song My Hlome ay. Women Of Africa, Putumayo, 2004

25. Shruti Sadolikar ‘Sri Jagadamba’ Alb Tk 12 4:53

Sh-ruti Sa-do-likar is an Indian classical singer-an Award winning one at that for her Hindustani vocal music. Sadolikar renders Sri Jagadamba is about a group of highly valued pearls. Gifted: Women Of The World, Real World Records, 2012

26. Baluji Shrivastav ‘Ila’s Dance’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 5 4.10

With more than 30 indigenous instruments included, this is the work Il’as Dance featuring Baluji Shri-va-stav and a musical glimpse of what can musically happen when you blend Indian and Western musical cultures.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

27. Jaume Compte ‘De Pedra’ Alb Tk 3 4.55

One of the clear influences in the music of Jaume Compte has been traditional Balkan music, with its combination of emotional and revelry intensity. With the tune L’equipatge, Jaume Compte reencounters his inspiration from the form and all of its nuances. Tariq, ARC Music Productions, 2014

#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 5

28. Terra Guitarra ‘North Country’ Alb Tk 7 3.18

Terra Guitarra duo, Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli are lifelong students of music, and accomplished multi-instrumentalists. Both studied at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, having performed together for 14 years with 16 CD releases. This award winning duo showcase their smooth jazz-neuvo flamenco project Terra Guitarra with North Country. Firelight, Earthsign Records, 2014

29. Jontre ‘Locuraleza’ Cmpl Tk 2 2:51

The new sound of Latin music is Hohn-three, from Colombia. His music is a mix of Latin and Afro-American grooves with Colombian flavor. Hohn-Three applies his talents to

Lo-cura-le-sa. Latin Beat, Putumayo World Music, 2012

30. Javier Ruibal ‘Isla Mujeres’ World – 2002 CD 1 Tk 5 4.46

(Hah-vee-air Ree-bahl) Javier Ruibal is a Spanish musician and songwriter. Javier Ruibal was born in El Puerto de Santa María, province of Cadiz in southern Spain. His first album, called Duna, was released in 1983. He is highly considered for his vocal talents and for blending different music styles such as flamenco, jazz and Maghreb music and developing a personal brand. He plays the guitar and is usually accompanied by another guitar player, first Antonio Toledo and since around 2000 the gypsy Tito Alcedo.

World 2002, Narada, 2002

31. Razia Said ‘Salamalama Aby’ Alb Tk 4 3.23

Madagascar’s Razia Said issues a Soulful and Poignant Musical Call for an End to Environmental and Cultural Destruction in her Native Land on her album Zebu Nation with songs like Salamalama-lets rejoice and overcome our differences of age, origin and color she sings. Thiere is only one life. The sun is knocking at the doors of each house in the village. Zebu Nation, Cumbancha, 2010

32. Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha KingsRunako Rwemwana’ RkSol Tk 9 6.56

With the song Runako Rwemwana (My daughter’s beauty), the Zimbabwe Cha Cha Kings who reigned among the late 1980s an early 90s jit bands are still active today despite the fact that little of their music has reached the international market. Featuring the work Runako Rwenwana, tthis is their sound.

Zimbabwe Frontline Vol. 3 – Roots Rock Guitar Party, Stern’s 1999

33. Batch Gueye Band ‘M’beugel’ Alb 2 Tk 2 3:10

The Batch Gue-ye Band from Senegal, lead by the golden voice of Batch Gueye has an equally rich sound as heard on M’ Buh-Zhell.

The Rough Guide To The Best African Music You’ve Never Heard, World Music Network, 2013

#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 6

34. Baka Beyond ‘Ohureo’ Compilation Tk 6 6:51

Musical journeys often include collaborations, partnerships that rooted in what I called ‘good community’ where all participants gain – from the work and the relationships. Baka Beyond edifies this idea as a bridge between the Baka Pygmies of Camaroon and British musician Martin Cradick with his wife Sue Hart. Ohureo is an old Scot’s Gaelic folk song – it takes on a new mood and meaning with the attached Baka groove infused into the music. Travel The World With Putumayo, Putumayo World Music, 1997

35. Orlando Consort ‘Vos Quid Admiramini / Gratissima Virginis Species’ Alb Tk 3 (3:22)

Milwaukee’s Early Music Now is bringing Britain’s Orlando Consort to Milwaukee February 15th, 2014. The Orlando Consort is a British vocal consort which is best known for performing renaissance choral music one voice to a part. The Orlando Consort appears at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 914 E Knapp St., on Saturday, February 15th at 5:00 PM. 414.225.3113 | info@earlymusicnow.org. Here is the ensemble performing Vos Quid Ahd-mir-amini (You Have To Wonder) combined with Grah-tee-sima Vir-gee-nees Spey-chess-sha (the Most Welcomed Virgin) from their album The Art of Polyphony. The Art Of Polyphony, The Orlando Consort, 2005

Art of Polyphony, Gloria In Ca-Non. The Art Of Polyphony, The Orlando Consort, 2005

36. 9P Femi Kuti ‘Truth Don Die’ Cmpl Tk 7 6:16

Kemi Kuti, Nigerian musician and the eldest son of afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti embodies his father’s musical spirit through the tune Truth Don Die. Legends Of Africa, RiSA, 2010

37. Toumani Diabaté ‘Single’ CD 1 Tk 5 4:59

Malian born kora artist Toumani Diabaté calls this work “Single”.

BBC Radio Awards For World Music ’07, Union Square Music, 2007

38. Camille ‘Ta Douleur’ CD1 Tk 1 3:11

Kye-mee-uh Dahl-may, better known by just Kye-me-uh is a French singer/songwriter and an actor with a developed interest in bossa nova and American stage musicals. This is Kye-mee-uh and the song Ta Dou-layr (Your Pain).

BBC Radio Awards For World Music ’07, Union Square Music, 2007

39. Tedeschi Trucks Band ‘Midnight In Harlem’ Alb Tk 3 5:53

The Tede-schi Trucks Band. Led by one of the most dynamic wife-husband teams in popular music, singer-guitarist Susan Tede-schi and slide guitar virtuoso Derek Trucks, and an 11-piece ensemble for lovers of rock and delta blues that also pays homage to the far-ranging influences of funk, gospel, jazz and world music. From their new album Revelator, the Tede-shi Trucks Band performs Midnight In Harlem.

Revelator, Masterworks, 2011

#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 7

40. Juba Dance “Momma Holds Child’ #712 Tk 8 (2:13)

This next group takes their name from the juba dance – a style of African American dance that originated in West Africa, found a new residence in the America and used no rhythm instruments which were not allowed on plantations of the enslaved for fear of secret codes that might be emitted from the drumming. Tap dance grows out of this tradition. Juba Dance the musical group calls their work Momma Holds Child.

Orange, Audio 8 Recordings, 2007

#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 8


8P Opening

1. 28. Eric Bibb ‘Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down’Alb Tk 7 6:49

Born in New York…garners much attention on the acoustic blues scene…his style might be compared to that of the legendary Taj Mahal… in his music hears, gospel, folk, New Orleans R&B and Delta Blues….now a resident of Sweden…a proclamation that encourages all to honor oneself. Maili To Memphis, Putumayo, 1999

2. Giuliano Modarelli & Sura Susso ‘Cora’ Alb 2 Tk 13 4:19

Gee-oo-liano Modarelli, guitarist influenced by Western classica. Trip-hop, rock and klezmer is joined by Sura Susso a Gambian griot perform Cora.

The Rough Guide To The Best African Music You’ve Never Heard, World Music Network, 2013

3. Los Nemus Del Pacifico ‘Lindas Y Bellas’ Vol. 2 Tk 8 (4:00)

Our musical journey lands in Colombia where we find Los Nemus Del Pacifico performing

Lindas Y Beay-yahs (Cute and Beautiful).

Greatest Salsa Classics of Colombia, Discos Fuentes, 2009

4. Fleck, Hussain & Meyer ‘Then Again’ Alb Tk 9 6:41

The Melody of Rhythm is a 2009 album by banjoist Béla Fleck. After returning from Africa and recording “Tales From The Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3: Africa Sessions”, Fleck put together the musical trio, consists of Fleck,Tabla player Zakir Hussain and bassist Edgar Meyer to record the album. They are accompanied by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leonard Slatkin on Then Again. The Melody Of Rhythm, E1 Music, 2009

5. Vesselina Kasarova ‘Roinka Bolna Lezhi’ Alb Tk 6 6:25

Mezzo-Soprano Vesse-lina Kasa-rova manages to imitate in a very delicate way the traditional way of folk singing that incorporates more vibrato in it-which give singing in this style of Bulgarian folk, a unique texture. The vocl work you’ll hear is from the album Bulgarian Soul a collection of Bulgarian folk tunes, most of which were arranged for Kasa-rova’s voice with settings that are contemporary arrangements of centuries-old works. Accompanied by a women’s chorus, the composition Rofin-ka Bol-na Lez-hi

(Rofinka lies ill) features a young girl found reclining on a mountain so that she may become part of the mountain-she is dying wearing a wedding dress to illustrate her love, but also to symbolize her leave of absence from the family.

Bulgarian Soul, BMG Classics, 2003

6. Yale Strom ‘Shtayngart’s Skotshne’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 8 6.56

Yale Strom with the band Hot Pstromi offer up some klezmer – passionate, mournful and exuberant. The tune is called Shtayngart’s Skoshne.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

I#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 9


9P Opening

1. Zingaros ‘Rio De Horo’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 7 3.33

Zingaros introduces us to a meeting of Than-go and Gypsy as fashioned in Romani and Russia. The result is a mix firery melancholy mix well-suited for Argentinean styled than-go. Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015

2. Tony Allen ‘Eparapo’ CD2 Tk 4 7:14

Tony Oladipo Allen is a Nigerian drummer, composer, and songwriter who currently lives and works in Paris is hugely responsible for creating what is known as Afro-beat. He is currently writing his autobiography “Tony Allen: Master Drummer of Afrobeat”. Eparapo is one of his musical creations.

BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music, Union Square Music, 2003

3. Orlando Consort ‘Gloria In Cannon’ Alb Tk 7 2:59

Britain’s Orlando Consort performs in Milwaukee February 15th, 2014. The Orlando Consort is a British vocal consort which is best known for performing renaissance choral music one voice to a part. The Orlando Consort appears at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, February 15th at 5:00 PM. Here is the ensemble performing from their album The

4. Bellowhead ‘Jordan’ CD2Temp Tk 11 4:08

Bellowhead is an English contemporary folk band originally brought together by John Spiers and Jon Boden. The eleven-piece band plays traditional dance tunes, folk songs and shanties, with arrangements drawing inspiration from a wide diversity of musical styles and influences. Bellowhead performs Jordan.

BBC Radio Awards For World Music ’07, Union Square Music, 2007

5. Diabel Cissokho & Ramon Goose ‘Totoumo’ Alb Tk 3 4:18

For more than a couple of decades, Western blues musicians have sought out, performed and recorded with African musicians. Recipes with different musical ingredients have generally been tasteful blends of at least two varied styles. British blues guitarist Ramon Goose and Senegalese kora artist Diabel Cissokho pair on the selection Totoumo (Give It To Him…give back what is not yours).

African Blues, Putumayo World Music, 2012

6. Giuliano Modarelli & Sura Susso ‘Cora’ Alb 2 Tk 13 4:19

Gee-oo-liano Moda-relli, guitarist influenced by Western classica. Trip-hop, rock and klezmer is joined by Sura Susso a Gambian griot perform Cora.

The Rough Guide To The Best African Music You’ve Never Heard, World Music Network, 2013

#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 10


10P Opening

1. Richie Havens ‘Here Comes The Sun’ Spring Spirit 4:16

The late Richie Havens, Richard P. Havens was an American folk singer and guitarist with a rendition of Here Comes The Sun.

Live At the Cellar Door and the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, ELO/VSOP, 1972

2. Etolies “Adama Coly” Alb Tk 9 5:37

One of the first super soukous bands from the Congo- Lay Kat-Tray-Twahl’ performs in the their language Lingala with a genuine feeling rumba led by superstar Sam Mangwana on Adama Coly. Afro Latin, Putumayo, 1998

3. Hugh Masekela ‘District Six’ CD 2 Tk 4 8:48

Opening this edition is South Africa’s Hugh Masekela…trumpeter, composer and storyteller. From his Live At The Market Theatre recording here is Masekela with his band and District Six.

Live At The Market Theatre, Chissa, 2006

4. Tedeschi Trucks Band ‘Don’t Let Me Slide’ Alb Tk 2 5:04

With a new Grammy Award for a debut album deemed a “masterpiece” by Rolling Stone and praised by concert-goers around the world here is the Tede-schi Trucks Band. Led by one of the most dynamic wife-husband teams in popular music, singer-guitarist Susan Tede-schi and slide guitar virtuoso Derek Trucks, and an 11-piece ensemble for lovers of rock and delta blues that also pays homage to the far-ranging influences of funk, gospel, jazz and world music. From their new album Revelator, the Tede-shi Trucks Band performs Don’t Let Me Slide” Revelator, Masterworks, 2011

5. Doreen Thobekile ‘Khalima’ Alb Tk 1 6:10

An accomplished, singer, dancer and instrumentalist, Doreen Thobekile was born in Natal then grew up in Durban, South Africa. She plays African instruments such as mbira and umqangala. She sings Khalima, a song of faith and unity.

South Africa: The Greatest Songs Ever, Petrol Records, 2007

6. Vasco Hernandez ‘Algarabías’ Cmpl CD1 Tk 6 4.27

The fireworks of flamenco rooted in either traditional or more modernistic flavors are most familiar to artist Vasco Hernadez.

Discover World Music, ARC Music Productions, 2015


#1073 January 24, 2015 No. 11


7P Close

Tito Puente ‘Stompin’ At The Savoy’ CD B Tk 10 4:55

Tito Puente: Instant Party, Concord Records, 2004

8P Close

Salsa Fever ‘Salsa de la Buena (Descarga)’ Salsa Symphony Tk 6 4:54

Distinto y Diferente, Music Productions, 2003

9P Close

Zou & Fall ‘Teri Janfa’ Alb Tk 3 5:48

Africa-African Dance Beat, Vol. 1, Hammer Musik, 2007

10P Close

Bombay Dub Orchestra ‘Sea Of Marmara’ Alb Tk 4 6:04

Tales From The Grand Bazaar, Bombay Dub Orchestra, 2013

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