Playlist For #1072

Sonora Carruseles

This live edition of Hg features music by; Groanbox Boys, Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, Zimbabwe’s Stella Chiweshe, The Egyptian Orchestra, Tangle Eye, Martin Simpson, Novalima, Yuri Buenaventura, Capercaillie, Niyaz, Matthew Spring, Sergio Mendes, Ger O’Donnell, Bosnian singer Amria, La Bottine Souriante, Sonora Carruseles, Jackie Oates, Tannahill Weavers, Mariem Hassan, Nitin Sawhney & Faheem Mazhar, Bassekou Kouyate, Maryam Mursal, Christine Pluhar, Jule Fowlis, Ibrahim Ferrer and much more…(playlist subject to change without notice)

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 1


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1. Tarika ‘Taraina’ Sglns #63 Tk 11 5.07

Tarika is a musical group from Madagascar now living in London. Tarika is led by two sisters, Hanitra and Noro. The grous performs Taraina, meaning story about a very pretty name. The sound has a soft Palm wine feel. Bibiango, Xenophile, 1994

2. Ballake’ Sissoko/Vincent Segal ‘Ma-Ma FC’ Alb Tk 6 5.12

Ballaké Sissoko, a noted player of the kora who has worked with Toumani Diabaté and Taj Mahal and several others combines his talents with that of jazz cellist Vincent Segal on “Ma-Ma FC”. Chamber Music, Six Degrees Records, 2011

3. Kekele ‘Tapale’ Alb Tk 3 4.18

The rumba it is said by some to have traveled from the Congo to Cuba and then back to the Congo… some say it’s the other way around. Persuasive arguments exist in both directions. Others say the strong radio signal of Cuba reached the congo, and there is another group dedicated to the notion that merchants traveling from Cuba to Africa had vinyl records in hand, thus laying the transformative musical seeds for what would become the roots of Congolese rumba. Today the narrative is well-intertwined with both fact and a fusion of ideas perhaps too deeply rooted to unearth anymore. The music is as strong today as it was at its birth in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The group Kékélé pays tribute to Cuban music with Tah-pah-lay, Plug it. Kinavana, Stern’s Africa, 2006

4. Maryam Mursal ‘Sodewou (Welcome)’ Alb Tk 6 5.53

The life story of singer and composer Mar-yam Mur-sal is compelling, tragic and inspiring. Her music reflects her life, a powerful and dramatic mix of sorrow and joy before her voice could be heard in the west – Maryam spent seven months walking across the Horn of Africa with her five children as she fled the civil war in her native Somalia. Maryam Mursal sings Soo Deh Woh – Welcome. Legends Of Africa, RiSA, 2010

5. Sierra Leone Refugee All StarsLiving Like A Refugee’ Tk 1 3.47

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars is a band from Sierra Leone which was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Since their return to Freetown in 2004, the band has toured extensively to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. The All Stars weave a tail about the struggles of living like a refugee. Living Like A Refugee, Anti, 2006

6. Chris Wood ‘Turtle Soup’ Sglns #66 Tk 6 6.10

Chris Wood is an English folk musician and composer who plays fiddle, viola and guitar, and sings and is an ardent enthusiast for traditional English dance music. His 2010 album Handmade includes the musical narrative Turtle Soap.

Handmade Life, RUF Records, 2010

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 2

7. Christine Pluhar/L’ArpeggiataOhime Ch’io CadoSgls63 Tk 13 4:03

The European ensemble L’Arpeggiata headed by director Christine Pluhar, explores the work of early European music composers sometimes with contemporary nuances. Pluhar leads the ensemble with an interpretation of Italian composer Cladio Monteverdi’s Ohime Ch’io Cado (Alas, I am Upon) (Lar Pee gee ah tah Ohm Meh Chee-oh Cah-doe)

Monteverdi; Teatro d’Amore, Virgin Classics, 2009

8. Abelardo Barroso wOrquesta Sensación ‘Tiene Sabor’ Tk 3 3.09

Accompanied by the Orquestra Sensación, Cuba’s Abelardo Barroso, considered by local Cubans to be the first sonero Mayor, that is a practitioner of the Island’s celebrated style of music call son, performs a piece from the 1950s, a time when his career at home commanded great respect. The composition is entitled Tiene Sabor.

Cha Cha Cha, World Circuit, 2014 (re-released from the 1950s)

9. Piers Faccini/Vincent SegalCammina CamminaSgls #105 Tk 3 3.24

From Piers Faccini, English singer/songwriter with French cellist Vincent Segal, comes a medieval lament steeped in Neapolitan music and named (Cah-mee-nah Cah-MEE-nah), walking walking, Cammina Cammina. Songs of Time Lost, No Format!, 2014

10. Julie Fowlis ‘Lon-Dubh (Blackbird)’ Cmpl Tk 4 2.42

Julie Fowlis is a Scottish folk singer and multi-instrumentalist who sings primarily in Scottish Gaelic. Fowlis and company offer Lon-Dubh (Blackbird), an Celtic adaptation of Paul McCartney’s famous work. Café Del Mundo, Putumayo World Music, 2014

11. Mr McFall’s Chamber w/ Fraser FifieldSwallowtailSgls#70 Tk10 7:23

From Eh-din-borough, Scotland comes Mr McFall’s Chamber, a music ensemble which plays a range of music from tahn-go to jazz and rock to contemporary classical. Featuring the work Swallowtail, McFall’s is joined by multi-instrumentalist Fraser Fifield.

Birds And Beasts, Delphian Records, 2010

12. Ibrahim Ferrer/BVSC ‘Que Bueno Baila Usted#678 Tk 7 4.35

The late Buena Vista Club Club singer and iconic Cuban music figure, Ibrahim Ferrer renders the tune Que Bueno Baila Usted.

Buena Vista Social Club Presents: Ibrahim Ferrer, World Curcuit/Nonesuch, 1999

13. Judith Sephuma ‘Le Twshephile Mang’ Alb Tk 1 3.40

Judith Sephuma is a South African jazz and Afro-pop singer. She grew up in Polokwane and moved to Cape Town in 1994 to study as a jazz vocalist. In 1997 she graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Performer’s Diploma in Jazz and went on to further study. In 1999 she won the “Best Jazz Vocalist” at the Old Mutual Jazz Into The Future competition and signed with the African division of BMG. Sephuma sings Lay tseh fee lay mahng (Our nation, our people who do we trust, lets be happy for each other). Women Of Africa, Putumayo, 2004

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 3

13. BassekouKouyate/Ngoni Ba/Harouna Samake‘TorinTorin’AlbTk 1 4.45

When you talk about musicians rising up from a musical family, Bassekou Kouyate fits the mold. At the age of 12, he started playing the Ngoni. His father Mustapha Kouyaté was a ngoni player and his mother Yagaré Damba was a praise singer. Kouyaté’s wife, Ami Sacko, is also a musician and performs in his band Ngoni Ba. With guest Ngoni player Harouna Samake, Kouyate performs, Torin Torin, a tribute song to the founder of the Bamana empire in 1712. The griots are singing, there is dancing and storytelling of great things achieved. I Speak Fula, Sub Pop Records, 2010

14. La Bottine Souriante ‘Cette Bouteille-la’ Alb Tk 1 4.30

US Release Date, Jan 31, 2012, from the upcoming album by La Boo Teen Sou-ree-aunt with Say Boo-tay-lah (The Bottle).

Appellation D’Origine Controlee, Borealis Records, 2012

15. Kumar Sanu ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha’ Alb Tk 4 4.33

Film remains king in India where cinemas are bursting with glamour and high drama, from tear-jerking storylines to complicated love trysts – all set to gloriously vibrant Bollywood musical groove. Bollywood is a nostalgic trip down memory lane to the golden era of Indian film music. Our musical travels take us to India and the music of Kumar Sanu, a promising voice first heard in the late 1980’s. Sanu sings what is called a playback song, which are used in films often centered on love. With the gentle support of the stringed sitar and the percussive underpinning of the tabla, Sanu sings about seeing a girl…love and romance soon follows.

Rough Guide To Bollywood, World Music Network, 2010

16. Lepisto & Lehit ‘Vainajalan Tango’ SglnsAwds2011 Tk 11 4.29

The charming duo of Lepistö & Lehti conjure up a range of moods with their featured double bass and accordion on works like Vainajalan Tango.

Songlines Awards 2011, Songlines Publication, 2011

17. Sonora Carruseles ‘Cocinado la SalsaSalsaSym#2 Tk 2 5:11

Colombian Sonora Carruseles burst into the local tropical scene performing Afro-Caribbean rhythms, including a traditional style known as salsa brava, originated in the 1960s. Sanora Caruseles performs coe-see-nah-tho la salsa.

Heavy Salsa, MiamiRecords, 1999

18. Serge Desaunay ‘La Valse Des Niglos’ Cmpl Tk 6 3.20

Here’s sampling of Gypsy Swing featuring, Ser-zhu Duh-zun-yee and friends (Zh-ahk Kuh-zahw, Zhawn Fee-leep Veer-ray, Dee-jay Rous-sahw and Dee-jee Due-pah on the tune La Val-say Day Neeg-low-ss’, Serge Desauny, Jacques Quezin, Jean-Philippe Viret, Didier Roussin, Didi Duprat. The Rough Guide To Gypsy Swing, World Music Network, 2004

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 4

19. Tannahill WeaversThe Geese In The Bog/The Jig Of Slurs’ Tk 1 3:17

The Tannahill Weavers are a popular band who performs traditional Scottish music. Incorporating the sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe, The Tannies as they are affectionately called, perform the Geese In The Bog/The Jig of Slurs.

Live & In Session, Hedera Records, 2007

20. Jackie Oates ‘Isle Of France’ Songlines #63 Tk 8 3.03

Jackie Oates is an English folk singer and fiddle player. Oates performs Isle Of France.

Hyperboreans, Unearthed/One Little Indian, 2009

21. Rajab Suleiman&KitharaKipenzi Changu Cha MoyoSgls #99 Tk 9 5.30

A few years back I had the treat of visiting Stonetown, Zanzibar wher there is wonderful annual music festival called Sauti Za Busara. Rajab Suleiman, qanun-zither player and a player of the 2-stringed lyre – the kithara gives us a musical glimpse of the region with Kpenzi Changu Cha Moyo, it celebrates Zanzibar’s taarab music.

Zanzibara Vol. 8 (Chungu), Buda Musique, 2013

22. Quartango ‘Jalousie’ Alb Tk 3 5.32

Quartango, the classically trained French-Canadian musicians explore their passion for than-go on Jah-lou-sie. Quartango, Quartango, 2009

23. Wayne Gorbea ‘Prakatun’ Alb Tk 5 5.51

Rooted in Africa and honed in South America, salsa has become an institution-danced everywhere from Havana to Helsinki and from New York to New Zealand. A global music for sure through works by artists like Wayne Gorbea with Pra-ka-tun.

Ultimate Musical Adventures, World Music Network, 2008

24. Mariem Hassan ‘La Tumchi Anni’ Alb Tk 1 4.08

For Westerners, this next sound resembles the popular music that developed from African American folk songs in the early 20th century, called blues consisting largely of slow sad songs sustained over a repeating harmonic pattern. The Sahara is not a place we routinely associate the blues and yet, this unique genre invested with the modern day electric guitar, has existed long before we in this part of the world, gave it a name. Mariem Hassan performs La Tum- chi Anni (Don’t Desert Me), this two part song also recalls the continual instability of Hassan’s homeland.

The Rough Guide To African Blues, World Music Network, 2007

25. Nitin Sawhney/Faheem MazharDaybreakSngls 79 Tk 11 2.35

Nitin Sawhney is a British Indian musician, producer and composer. His work combines Asian and other worldwide influences with elements of jazz and electronica and often explores themes such as multiculturalism, politics and spirituality. Sawhney is joined by Faheem Mazhar is a musician of the Indian classical music genre. He is known for his unique and melismatic merging of Indian musical tradition with western traditons. The two collaborate on Daybreak. London Undersound, Positiv-ID, 2008

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 5

26. Amira ‘Zemi Me Zemi’ Sngls #80 Tk 7 5.20

Amira, Bosnia’s finest Sevdah singer takes a traditional Serbian song form in a fresh direction. The piece is called Zemi Me Zemi. Along with Amira, Bosnia’s answer to

Billie Holiday, the work features pianist Bojan Z and a yearning message seeking love and happiness. Amulette, World Village, 2011

27. Viva Quetzal ‘Caballo Viejo’ Cmpl Tk 8 2.34

Recalling the sound of the Andes, Viva Quetzal gives us a musical hors d’oeuvre

titled Caballo Viejo. Music of the Andes, Putumayo World Music, 2014

28. Ger O’Donnell ‘The Snows They Melt The Soonest’ Tk 8 4.51

Sharing a winter song of celebration here’s Ger O’Donnell with The Snows They Melt

The Soonest. Christmas In Ireland, ARC Music Productions, 2014

29. Ensemble Accentus ‘Todos los bienes del mundo’CD1Tk 18 2:59

It was in Spain that a particular national music was encouraged. In spite of the expulsion of the Jews and the conquest of the Moorish kingdoms where diverse traditions of learning and the arts had flourished, Spanish music retained identifiable elements of what had been rejected. Something of this can be heard in the 460 surviving compositions preserved in the Cancionero de Palacio, a royal collection of music at the Spanish court in the first decades of the sixteenth century. Featuring the Ensemble Accentus with Thomas Wimmer here is the composition Todos los bienes del mundo (All The World’s Goods) from that period. The World Of Early Music, Naxos, 1989

30. Sergio Mendes ‘You And I’ Alb Tk 3 3.50

Sergio Mendez and Friends including Carlinhos Brown and Nay-anna Holley present You And I. Bom Tempo, Concord Records, 2010

31. Huong Thanh & Nguyen Le ‘Fragile Beauty’ CD2 Tk 9 5:14

Vietnamese vocalist Wohn Tah-nee rose to fame in the new millennium as her nation’s premier jazz talent. Thanh was brought up in a musical household steeped in traditional music. Mentored by her father, Wohn was trained in the complex musical style blending the demands of a complex tonal language with operatic expression and storytelling. She studied formally in Saigon, toured Europe extensively and released highly acclaimed material exploring traditional Vietnamese music with jazz sensibilities. With guitarist and composer of Vietnamese ancestral music -New-yen Lahh, Wohn Tah-nee performs Fragile Beauty. Great Moments In World Music, Songlines Compilation, 2008

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 6

32. Ljiljana Buttler ‘Zvonija, Zvonija’ #722 Tk 13 4:59

LJILJANA BUTTLER was born in Belgrade, her father was an accordion virtuoso and her mother a Croatian singer. But her father left soon after she was born and her mother had to support herself and her child, singing in bars. They settled in Bijeljina, a small town in Bosnia…Her performance on the album shows why, in the former Yugoslavia, she was referred to as the ‘Gypsy Ella Fitzgerald’ and the ‘Billie Holiday of Gypsy Music’, but mostly she was called lovingly the ‘Mother of Gypsy Soul’.

The Mother Of Gypsy Soul, Snail Records, 2002

33. Carlos Barbosa-Lima ‘Tico Tico’ SlsaSym #2 Tk 3 2.31

Brazilian guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima performs Tico Tico, you’ll probably recognize the the familiar motif. Siboney, ZOHO, 2004

34. Toumani Diabate’s SymmetricOrch ‘Ya FamaWndwA Tk 7 4.55

Toumani Diabaté is a Malian kora player. In addition to performing the traditional music of Mali, he has also been involved in cross-cultural collaborations with flamenco, blues, jazz, and other international styles. Diabate and the Symmetric Orchestra perform Ya Fama. Boulevard de l’Indépendance, World Circuit, 2006

35. Sibongile Khumalo ‘Mayihlome’ Alb Tk 4 3.52

The gifted singer (See-bone-ghee-lay Koo Mahl-oh) is a South African singer born in Soweto and guided by her father, a professor of music. She studied violin, singing, drama and dance. Appearing on the recording Women Of Africa on Putumayo Records, Khumalo raises a battle cry against HIV/Aids in South Africa on the song My Hlome ay. Women Of Africa, Putumayo, 2004

36. Jaume Compte ‘De Pedra’ Alb Tk 3 4.55

One of the clear influences in the music of Jaume Compte has been traditional Balkan music, with its combination of emotional and revelry intensity. With the tune L’equipatge, Jaume Compte reencounters his inspiration from the form and all of its nuances. Tariq, ARC Music Productions, 2014

37. Terra Guitarra ‘North Country’ Alb Tk 7 3.18

Terra Guitarra duo, Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli are lifelong students of music, and accomplished multi-instrumentalists. Both studied at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, having performed together for 14 years with 16 CD releases. This award winning duo showcase their smooth jazz-neuvo flamenco project Terra Guitarra with North Country. Firelight, Earthsign Records, 2014

38. Jontre ‘Locuraleza’ Cmpl Tk 2 2:51

The new sound of Latin music is Hohn-three, from Colombia. His music is a mix of Latin and Afro-American grooves with Colombian flavor. Hohn-Three applies his talents to

Lo-cura-le-sa. Latin Beat, Putumayo World Music, 2012

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 7

39. Javier Ruibal ‘Isla Mujeres’ World – 2002 CD 1 Tk 5 “4.46

(Hah-vee-air Ree-bahl) Javier Ruibal is a Spanish musician and songwriter. Javier Ruibal was born in El Puerto de Santa María, province of Cadiz in southern Spain. His first album, called Duna, was released in 1983. He is highly considered for his vocal talents and for blending different music styles such as flamenco, jazz and Maghreb music and developing a personal brand. He plays the guitar and is usually accompanied by another guitar player, first Antonio Toledo and since around 2000 the gypsy Tito Alcedo.

World 2002, Narada, 2002

40. Razia Said ‘Salamalama Aby’ Alb Tk 4 3.23

Madagascar’s Razia Said issues a Soulful and Poignant Musical Call for an End to Environmental and Cultural Destruction in her Native Land on her album Zebu Nation with songs like Salamalama-lets rejoice and overcome our differences of age, origin and color she sings. Thiere is only one life. The sun is knocking at the doors of each house in the village. Zebu Nation, Cumbancha, 2010

41. Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha KingsRunako Rwemwana’ RkSol Tk 9 6.56

With the song Runako Rwemwana (My daughter’s beauty), the Zimbabwe Cha Cha Kings who reigned among the late 1980s an early 90s jit bands are still active today despite the fact that little of their music has reached the international market. Featuring the work Runako Rwenwana, tthis is their sound.

Zimbabwe Frontline Vol. 3 – Roots Rock Guitar Party, Stern’s 1999

42. 9P Femi Kuti ‘Truth Don Die’ Cmpl Tk 7 6:16

Kemi Kuti, Nigerian musician and the eldest son of afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti embodies his father’s musical spirit through the tune Truth Don Die. Legends Of Africa, RiSA, 2010

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 8


8P Opening

1. Matthew Spring… ‘Bear Dance’ #908 Tk 10 5.11

Matthew Spring, Sara Stowe & Jon Banks place their signature on the work Bear Dance.

Medieval Music (Joyful Song and Dances), The Gift of Music, 2003

2. Cedric Watson ‘Cedric Zydeco’ Sglns #63 Tk 4 3.00

Cedric Watson is an American musician, nominated twice for Grammy Awards. With the catcy tune Cedric Zydeco, Watson salutes his forefathers linked to the style.

Cedric Watson, Valcour Records,

3. Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars ‘Soda Soap’ Tk 2 4.31

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars is a band from Sierra Leone which was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Since their return to Freetown in 2004, the band has toured extensively to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. Living Like A Refugee, Anti, 2006

4. Capercaillie ‘The Tree’ Cmpl Tk 17 4:07

Ca’-per-kay-lee is a Scottish folk band, founded in the 1980s by Donald Shaw and fronted by Karen Matheson and featuring a blend of traditional Gaelic folk, world music, comptemporary beats. The Rough Guide To Scottish Folk, World Music Network, 2000

5. Niyaz ‘Beni Beni ( Iran/USA)’ CD2 Tk 7 4.31

Niyaz is an Iranian musical trio created in 2005 by DJ, programmer/producer and remixer Carmen Rizzo, vocalist and hammered dulcimer player Azam Ali, and Loga Ramin. Niyaz in Persian means “needing”. With the song Beni Beni, Niyaz sings Take me O Beloved, Take me, O Friend, to my goal – the ultimate destination.

Otro Mundo (Another World), Warner Music, 2009

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 9


9P Opening

1. Tangle Eye ‘John Henry’s Blues’ Cmpl Tk 2 5:53

With a classic African American folksong this is Tangle Eye and John Henry’s Blues.

Blues Lounge, Putumayo 2004

2. Urna ‘Ejin Bogdin Hoyour Jagal’ SdOFtWrld CD2 Tk 17 5.41

From China come s Urna with the Two Greys Belonging To The Divine Ruler.

Sound Of The World, Warner Music, 2007

3. Martin Simpson ‘The Wind & The Rain’ Sngls #63 Tk 3 5.28

Martin Simpson spins a British song The Wind & The Rain.

True Stories, Topic Records, 2009

4. Martyn Bennett ‘Swallowtail’ Sglns #82 Tk 4 5.04

From the late Scot, Martyn Bennett comes the tune, Swallowtail. Bennett remains a highly influential figure in contemporary Scottish music. Aye, Cullin Records, 2012

5. Novalima ‘Chinchivi’ SdOFtWorld CD1 Tk 11 4.01

The Afro Peruvian ensemble Novalima performs Chinchivi.

Sound Of The World, Warner Music, 2007

6. Yuri Buenaventura ‘Salsa’ Slsasym #2 Tk 6 4:28

Starting out Yuri Buenaventura was an unlikely star who would became a massive success in Paris with his brand of salsa. He took salsa to a new level, fusing Afro-Colombian traditions into a tight Puerto Rican arrangements like this one called Salsa.

Yo Soy, Universal Latino, 2000

#1072 January 17, 2015 No. 10


10P Opening

1. Groanbox Boys ‘Shards of The Journey (Tailisman)Sgls#63 Tk 6 2.52

Smashing Blues and Hoedown are wedded with song Shards of the Journey featuring the Groanbox Boys and American/Canadian trio. Bibiango, Xenophile, 1994

2. Planet Lounge ‘Shiva Dance’ #908 Tk 1 5.55

From their 205 album Nazim, here is Planet Lounge with Shiva Dance.

Nazim, 4MPO, 2005

3. Sierra LeoneRefugeeAllStarsCompliments For The Peace’ Tk 8 4.17

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars is a band from Sierra Leone which was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Since their return to Freetown in 2004, the band has toured extensively to raise awareness for humanitarian causes. Living Like A Refugee, Anti, 2006

4. Stella Chiweshe ‘Mese Maikwana’ RockSoul Tk 8 4.00

Here is Zimbabwe’s Stella Chiweshe internationally known for her voice and the playing of the mbira (the thumb piano), traditional instrument of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. From her 1990 album Chisi, Chiweshe performs Mese Maikwana (An Invitation To Dance). Chisi, Piranha Musik, 1990

5. The Egyptian Orchestra ‘Khalliouni Khalliouni’Knockin’ Tk 9 5.43

1,2,3 Soleils (1,2,3 Suns) is a live album performed by Algerian artists Rachid Taha, Khaled and Faudel, widely hailed as the three masters of raï music. Recorded from a 1998 concert in Paris. Here, Algerian music takes flight with the three artists known as the Egyptian Orchestra and Khal-liou-ni Khal-liou-ni.

1, 2, 3 Soleils (Live à Bercy), Barclay, 1999

#1072 January 17, 20151 No. 11


7P Close

Jean-Luc Ponty ‘Rhum ‘N ‘Zouk’ Alb Tk 5 5:05

The Best Of World Music – Vol 2: Instrumental, Rhino Records, 1993

8P Close

Black Uhuru ‘Give Me Love’ Cmpl Tk 2 4.35

The Best Of World Music – Reggae, Rhino Records, 1994

9P Close

Issa Bagayogo ‘Ciew Mawele’ Alb Tk 9 5.13

Tassoumakan, Six Degrees, 2004

10P Close

Irakere ‘Chekere Son’ Sngls #66 Tk 15 6.55

Best Of Irakere, Sbme Special Mkts., 2008

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