New Release A Wealth Of World Music

ARC Music Production's 2015 Album "Discovery World Music"

Normally I like to sit, listen to and digest new releases more than once – just to let the music settle-in. After passively digesting the first 3 tracks of ARC Music’s “Discovery World Music” just once, that mold was broken.

This album is rare, commands your attention, and is well-produced with crisp liner notes. What’s more, the 2 album CD set is filled with distinctive sounds from around the globe.

And though it’s only a glimpse of world music worldwide, the album, a fair representation of traditional styles, is culturally inclusive, imaginative and most important to me, inspirational. I’m taken by its wealth of diverse artists from Morocco, Lebanon, India, Russia, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Bolivia, Brazil, France, Mozambique, Japan, Tibet, Mongola and more.

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If you’re looking for an introductory world – music – sampler featuring various world music genres that includes fados, upbeat traditional dance rhythms, indigenous, classical, Celtic, flamenco, Romani, Mediterranean, spirited African flavors, rousing Balkan beats and lots more, this rich album is for you.