Listener’s Guide To World Music Playlists


Now that smartphones have altered access to the internet, it’s much easier to download music to your favorite listening device. You can even create your own album compilations and playlists using your choosen music download site where you can preview the track or album before you actually download music.

A good resource to use is “The Rough Guide Book of Playlists.” The publication is filled with suggested recordings on a host of diverse topics, (some of which are earthy), popular artists and styles heard and celebrated around the world – from folk to Latin jazz to Afro Pop, soul to rock and much much more.

The landscape of the publication is really about popular forms of music and though it excludes a platform for classical music such as symphonies opera and concertos, it does provide an overview of the more than 5,000 tracks worth reviewing. Contributors include professional musicians, music writers and a few legends who add their music tastes to the mix. Worth having in your library as a starting point for building your electronic world music library.

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