Learning How To Play West African Guitar Styles

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Want to learn how to play West African guitar style? To be sure, there are many online courses to consider. Among them is one lead by West African guitarist Zoumana Diarra. I’m attracted to his story because of the important role Griots play in the lifeblood of African culture, storytelling and of course, music making.

Diarra is also and educator born in Mali in a family of Griots: West African praise singers, musicians, poets and storytellers. He has been making music since the age of four, when he manufactured his own guitar from an empty can and fishing thread. Diarra’s story reminds me of the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars – now internationally celebrated recording artists whose humble beginnings inspired their love of music, creative use of tools fashioned into instruments which in all edifies their commitment to the celebration of music worldwide.

I met Jeff Scheetz, Director of Education for TrueFire.com at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Montreal last month. He and I share a strong attachment to the power of education to inform us about each other and to draw us together. To learn if this platform would be a good experience for you, visit truefire.com @TrueFireTV –Jonathan

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