The Infectious Sound of Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

Album Cover:  Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars "Living Like A Refugee"

Formed in the West African refugee camps, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have, in the midst of sweeping destruction caused by war, risen to create several recordings. The ensemble was formed by a group of refugees displaced to Guinea during the Sierra Leone Civil War. Since their return to Freetwon in 2004, they’ve didicated their music to the cause of creating increased awareness for humanitarian causes, particularly those related to social justice.

Theeir latest album is simply infectious with several spirited tracks worthy of dancing. And, it’s filled with a fusion of traditional West African sounds and roots reggae blended with traditional folk music. Through unimaginable tragedy, this group has created ‘music for healing’. Moreover, the sound has a genuine community-feel to it well-crafted for celebrating the good in people. The music pulsating from the album “Living Like A Refugee” is by no means repressive.

Living Like A Refugee, Anti, 2006

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