Encyclopedia Of World Travel

A Vintage Source In Two Volumes

Book Covers, Encyclopedia of World Travel Volume One and Two 1967

Some years ago my appetite for all things old introduced me to vintage books and those that centered on world music were most appealing. From that love affair came the hunt for books about travel and not just your tourist friendly reference books which are generally excellent (I use them all the time when traveling). Here are two that are perched behind my desk.

Yes, the covers are worn, and the pages are yellowed and somewhat brittle, and yet I still really enjoy holding hands with them — that is whenever I remember to do so. What a treat even though the many pictures, maps and drawings are in black and white – they are still an excellent addition to your vintage cookbook collection or home kitchen library.” Copies for sale still exist online. –Jonathan

From the publisher:

Encyclopedia of World Travel in two volumes contains vital information needed by prospective travels on every state and country from Alabama to Zambia. Apart from is value for travelers this book is an authoritative reference book for armchair travelers. With 133 maps and over 200 photographs from all parts of the world.

Encyclopedia of World Travel is an excellent addition to your vintage cookbook collection or home kitchen library.

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