In Cue Dining with Sam Mangwana


While we all collectively navigate through this chaotic period of unprecedented turmoil, I am reminded by the ‘challenge of the day’ that the cosmos is not at this moment well-ordered, nor is it indestructible.

So, I’ve elected to spend some quality time reconnecting with old musical friends that I have ignored far too long. I see them every day as I rush by. Sometimes I even give them a passing nod expressed in a fleeting non-emotive glance. At times, I have intentionally paused and stared back at them knowing well that the longer I do, the more likely it will be that I’ll engage and succumb to their alluring charms. Today, that no longer stands.

As I work from home I’ve decided to welcome, embrace and, dine each day with familiar friends.

Today, it is Sam Mangwana, performing tracks from his 1998 Putumayo World Music release “Galo Negro” featuring his blend of Congolese Rumba.

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