Cuban pianist Rubén González – Son to Salsa to Latin Jazz


Cuba’s Rubén González was a superb pianist and legendary member of the famed group, the Buena Vista Social Club. González, together with Lilí Martínez and Peruchín is said to have “forged the style of modern Cuban piano playing in the 1940s” This album is a treat to listen to over and over again. Heres what Andrew Batlett has to say about the recording:Cuban pianist Rubén González has lived through this century’s greatest musical windstorms, from the emergence of son to salsa to Latin Jazz and more. Born in 1919, González also retired from playing professionally years before this, his debut CD, was even recorded. He reemerged in 1996 when World Circuit stopped in Cuba to record for several days. He ended up making a thrilling debut. This impromptu CD was cut in a day, and its limber vibe shines for all its uptempo looseness. González plays a rainbow of Cuban rhythms and prods his percussionists and lone trumpeter to great depths of conversation and great heights of flash. –Andrew Bartlett

González has passed away, though his great artistry expressed on this album will live on for many generations to come. A must addition to any world music library. –Jonathan

Album: Introducing Rubén González, World Circuit, 1997

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