#1378 November 14, 2020 Live Broadcast

Encore Broadcast from April 25, 2015

JLO 2018
Saturday, November 7, 2020

TRTHG continues at the new time, 5:00pm – 9:00pm Central Standard Time on the NPR News & Music Network of Wisconsin Public Radio. In general, Milwaukee’s listeners will continue to hear the entire broadcast each Saturday beginning at 7:00pm.

Normally when I listen to music, I find some quiet time in my office or my study in order to fully engage the journey taken by each work of music – especially when I’m preparing for the Saturday broadcast. These days, I find myself leaning-in more and more intently – sometimes to escape ever-so-briefly these trying times. I’m Jonathan Overby – join me, and let’s escape and hit The Road to Higher Ground together Saturday at 5pm Central on the NPR News and Music Network, and from WHAD Milwaukee at 7pm Central on the Ideas Network of Wisconsin Public Radio.
This encore broadcast 4.25.2015 features music by Alex Cuba, Moipel Quartet, Rokia Traore, Susana Baca, Oscar Peterson, Sainkho Namtchylak, Tamikrest, Pham Mong Hai, Mahotella Queens, Warsaw Village Band, Red Baraat, Orchestra Baobab, Hanggai, Buena Vista Social Club and more.

You can also hear the broadcast streamed on WPR’s NPR News & Music Network at wpr.org. Playlists are subject to changes without notice.

12 pm Central of Sundays, the Saturday playlist is posted on The Road To Higher Ground webpage on the News and Music Network of Wisconsin Public Radio.

You can also listen to the Saturday broadcast online for two weeks after the original broadcast date, Mondays after 12pm Central.

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