#1215 Live Broadcast 10.14.17


Music that reflects our commonalities and the unique differences of people around the globe can strengthen our understanding of each other, which is the aim of the world music broadcast “The Road To Higher Ground”. Tune-in from around the globe and imagine for yourself the myriad of possibilities, Saturday evening at 7pm Central here on Wisconsin Public Radio.

This encore edition of Higher Ground features music by: Ragheb Alama, Astor Piazolla, Buika, Rita Morar with Talal Qureshi, AnDa Union, Chris Wood, Kate Rusby, Kissmet, Luisa Maíta, composer Gabriel Urbain Fauré, Miles Davis, Leahy, Simon Thacker, Le Vent du Nord, Ravi Shankar, Karsh Kale and more during an encore broadcast of the the first live broadcast of 2017

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