#1210 Live Broadcast 9.917


This weekend want to get away from it all without actually leaving the comfort of home? Then travel the Road to Higher Ground where the sounds of world music come to you unpacked, unfiltered and complete with audible amenities crafted for the keen listener and the casual fan alike. Join host Jonathan Overby when it all begins.

This live edition of Hg features music by: Ensemble Su, Syriana, Gary Innes, Les Poules Á Colin, Panorama Brass Band & Jazz Band, Wande Coal, Jupiter & Okwess, Les Fils Canouche, Rene’ Aubry, Baba Zula, Tex Dandie Dance Band, Divido, Murad Ali, Aurora Neeland & Red Roses, and much more.

Tk 7 Halanam 7:09 JuJu In Trance Traditional

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