#1110 October 10, 2015


This edition of Higher Ground opens with :

1. Joan Soriano ‘Me decidi a dejarte’ Alb Tk 1 4.07

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Joan Soriano, aka El Duque, a modern bachata singer and guitarist from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Bachata, a form of music and dance originated in the countryside and outlying rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic. Song topics are often romantic with tales of heartbreak and sadness. Soriano blends his modern tastes with traditional bachata rendered in Spanish slang on the tune May Day-see-dee ah They-har-tay. I’ve decided to break up with you. Me decidi, iASO Records, 2015

2. Kiran Ahluwalia ‘Hayat’ CnadaNw Tk 1 5.04

Kiran Ahluwalia is an Indo-Canadian singer who performs her own musical arrangements of ancient Persian and Punjabi Ghazal poems that date back to 14th century India. Kiran sings Hayat, Life. Sonata: Stillness, ARC, 2015 (Ref. Canada Now Songlines CD#111 Bonus)

3. Le Vent du Nord ‘Lanlaire’ Sglns #66 Tk 4 3.45

Luh Vahn Du Nohr, The North Wind, is a group grounded in the traditional music of

Kay-BEE-k’ performing the dittie, LAHN-Lare. La Part du Feu, Borealis Records, 2009

4. Orquestra Imperial ‘Me Deixa em Paz’ Sglns #47 Tk 5 2.27

Or-Kess-tree Eeem-Peh-dee-ah-oo a Brazilian Big Band formed in 2002 with the objective of recreating the typical (Gah-fee-aye-dah) Gafieira Samba sound. That sound includes the work, Me Day-sha em Pahss (Leave Me Alone)

Carnaval So Ano Que Vem, Totolo, 2007.

5. David Broza ‘Srochim’ Alb Tk 9 2.39

Dah Veed Broh-Zah, is a multi-platinum Israeli singer-songwriter and guitarist and one of Israel’s most beloved. Bro-zah performs the love song, S’roh-Cheem (Laces), I try to wonder a lot but get my laces caught, every stray dog was my new best friend, and if I had to do it all over again, I’d do it all over again with you.

Israel, Putumayo World Music, 2007

6. Red Chamber ‘ Dark Red Ruby’ CnadaNw Tk 7 5.11

Red Chamber is the name of the collective. Their repertoire includes chamber music from the Chinese Imperial court to contemporary works inspired by folk and Chinese minority music with a fusion of china’s 5,000 years of history and string band music from around the world where bluegrass, Balkan, Cape (Breh-n’) Breton fiddle tunes thrive. The composition is titled Dark Red Ruby.

Gathering, ZaDiscs, 2014 (Ref. Canada Now Songlines CD#111 Bonus)

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