#1106 Live Broadcast


1. Daby Touré ‘Woyoyoye’ Alb Tk 1 2.34

We open this edition of Higher Ground with Daby Touré – out from under the shadow of another Senegal based star, namely Youssou N’Dour. Today, Touré is no longer just an emerging artist. Today his star shines brightly as he takes center stage with the opening track from his new 2015 release Amonafi. The tune is called Woyoyoye – the smooth and flowing composition lamenting a man in love with a very beautiful woman – but he’s not the only one – she crosses the street he sings, and lights up the entire neighborhood. Amonafi, Cumbancha & Daby Touré, 2015

2. Rubén González ‘Siboney’ Alb Tk 4 2:33

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Cuba’s Ruben Gonzales was a superb pianist and member of the famed group, the Buena Vista Social Club. Gonzales leads on Siboney, named after a city in Cuba.

Café Cubana, Rhino, 2006

3. Modou Touré/Ramon Goose ‘Kayre’ Alb Tk 5 4.32

The West African Blues Project showcases two highly respected artists – Modou Touré and Ramon Goose. Guitarist and singer Touré is from Senegal. Ramon, is from Britain and a well-traveled guitarist in his own right. Their sound is a mature meeting of two cultures resulting in a sound that is hypnotic and intoxicating.

The work is called Kayre. The West African Blues Project, ARC Music Productions, 2015

4. Inkuyo ‘Corazon Herido’ ancientandes Tk 5 4.06

Composer, arranger, and virtuoso on pan–pipes and South American flutes, here is Gon-salo Vargas, founder of the group een-KOO-yo – devoted to ancient and contemporary Andean music. The collective performs Corazon Herido – Wounded Heart.

Ancient Sun (Music Of The Andes) Celestial Harmonies – Estados Unidos, 1996

5. Shooglenifty ‘Do Chrochadh A Thoill Thu, Thoill Thu/Nighean Rudh’ Bhàn Bh’aig Dòmhnall Ruadh Piobair/The Spice Of Life MedleySglns#110 Tk 8 4.56

From Eh-dihn-ber-roe Edinburgh, the six piece, Celtic fusion touring band, Shoogle-nifty, even after 25 years of performing together, continue to evolve with innovative musical works inspired by a variety of cultures and traditions. This is Shooglenifty, with the Spice of Life Medley. The United Knot, Shoogle Records, 2015

6. The Soil ‘Unspoken Words’ Sglns #111 Tk 2 3.47

Here’s the South African a capella trio, The Soil, employing a soulful sound with just vocal percussion in homage to Sophiatown, the vibrant musical hub of Johannesburg’s township musical culture. Nostalgic Moments, Native Rhythms, 2014

#1106 September 12, 2015 No. 2

7. Salil Chowdhury ‘Amar Protibaader Bhasha’ Cmpl Tk 5 1.47

Sho-lil Choud-huri was an Indian music composer mainly for Bengali, Hindi and Malayalam films. He was also a poet and a playwright. Sho-lil renders Amar Protibaader Bhasha. Khiyo, ARC Music, 2015

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