#1076 Showcase Playlist (Encore Broadcast)


Higher Ground is where imagination and realty overlap with sounds that conjure up images of life and tradition in places near and far from home. With just your radio in hand, add your own ideas about world music and join host Jonathan Overby Saturday night at 7:00pm Central.

#1076 2.14.15 features music by: Algeria’s Jomed, American singer/songwriter John Stewart, jazz great Sarah Vaughan, Beijing’s Hanggai, Portico Quartet from London, Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate, Angelique Kidjo, Astor Piazolla, Pigram Brothers, Hollie Cook, Susana Baca, Syriana, Gotan Project, Cristina Pato, Gina Chavez, contralto Marian Anderson, String Sisters, Justin Adams, Mamani Keita, Lo’Jo, Joan Soriano and Etta James.

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#1040 June.7.14 No. 1


1. Angélique Kidjo ‘Ebile’ #1040 Tk 1 (5:43)

Grammy winner Angélique Kidjo, one of world music’s most electrifying performers with a onus to explore the relationships of diverse musical cultures performs Ebile featuring the American based Kronos Quartet. The music of Kidjo is steeped in the tribal and pop rhythms of her West African heritage from Benin. In tandem Kidjo and the Kronos Quartet perform Ebile, a song about women being the anchor of humanity.

Eve, SLG, 2014

2. Lopez Walker ‘Fly Away’ Cmpl Tk 5 (6:13)

Reggae singer Lopez Walker performs Fly Away.

The Rough Guide To World Party, World Music Network, 2007

3. Astor Piazolla ‘Libertango’ Global Rhydyms Tk 2 (4:05)

Astor Pia-Soy-yah was an Argentine tango composer and bandoneón player. His oeuvre revolutionized the traditional tango into a new style termed nuevo tango, incorporating elements from jazz and classical music. An excellent bando-neonist, he regularly performed his own compositions with different ensembles. He is known in his homeland as “El Gran Astor” (“The Great Astor”). Pia-Soy-yah performs Lee-bertango.

The Soul of Tango-Greatest Hits, Editions Milan Music, 2000

4. Juju ‘Waide Nayde’ Alb Tk 2 (5:09)

In West African cultures, Juju refers to a charm, amulet associated with magic or religion. Using the first two letters of their first names, the duo Justin Adams English guitarist and Juldeh Camara, Gambian griot collaborate on the Waide Nayde, with the lyrics you can give me a million dollars but without respect it means nothing.

In Trance, Real World Records, 2011

5. Pigram Brothers ‘Moonlight’ Alb Tk 7 (2:10)

Pigram Brothers is a seven member band of brothers from the perling town of Broome, Western Australia. Devotion to the local landscape and culture inspires their music embedded a indigenous folk-rock sound. Early harmonies marry acoustic string instruments that bring to life songs about their country. This one is called Moonlight.

The Rough Guide To Australian Aboriginal Music, World Music Network, 2008

6. Hollie Cook ‘Ari Up’ Alb Tk 1 (4:10)

Emerging British Singer Hollie Cook renders Ari Up from her recent 2014 album release, Twice. Twice, Mr. Bongo, 2014

#1040 June.7.14 No. 2

7. Susana Baca ‘Cardo O Ceniza’ Alb Tk 2 (4:34)

With well received albums and a string of acclaimed concert dates in North America and Europe, Susana Baca continues to excel in her mission to preserve the unique heritage of Afro-Peruvian music. Baca’s selection is called Car-du-ah Say-nee-zay, ashes of the thistle Say-nee-zay. Gifted: Women Of The World, Real World Records, 2012

8. Susana Baca ‘Cardo O Ceniza’ Alb Tk 2 (4:34)

With well received albums and a string of acclaimed concert dates in North America and Europe, Susana Baca continues to excel in her mission to preserve the unique heritage of Afro-Peruvian music. Baca’s selection is called Car-du-ah Say-nee-zay, ashes of the thistle Say-nee-zay. Gifted: Women Of The World, Real World Records, 2012

9. Simo Lagnawi ‘Tourklila’ Sglns #94 Tk 6 (3:59)

Gnawa music is a mixture of sub-Saharan African, Berber, and Sufi religious songs and rhythms. It combines music and acrobatic dancing. The music is both a prayer and a celebration of life. Though many of the influences that formed this music can be traced to sub-Saharan Africa, and specifically, the Western Sahel, its practice is concentrated in Morocco and in South-western Algeria. The annual Gnawa festival in Essaouria, Morocco celebrates the tradition of blending Gnawa with other world music genre’s. Here is a taste of form titled Tourk-lila. Gnawa London, Waulk Records, 2013

10. Tine Thing Helseth, Elise Båtnes & Norwegian Chamber Orchestra #1040 Tk 11 (2:29)

The trumpet is a particularly old instrument-among the oldest in fact, aged to be around 3,500 years. Some hold that it was used early on as a signaling device in Ancient Egypt. Others used it for sacred ceremonies and magic rites making it a true friend of world music. Of course its use has evolved. Teen Sing Hahl-saht, a Norwegian trumpet soloist with an affinity for classical repertoire and jazz gives the instrument a slightly more modern embrace featuring the 14th century composition, Eeen Dulcie Yu-bio, In Sweet Rejoicing, Hahl-Saht is joined by violinist Elise Batnes and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. My Heart Is Ever Present, Simax Classics, 2009

11. Syriana ‘Gharibb’ SnglnsAwds 2011 Tk 8 (4:23)

The song Gharibb (Stranger), features the group Syriana-a musical foray into Middle Eastern fusion, and recorded in Syria with a mix of Arabic vocals and instrumental underpinning that includes double bass, surf guitar, and occasional programmed rhythm patterns. The result is a musical dialogue between East and West.

The Road to Damascus, Real World Recordings, 2010

#1040 June.7.14 No. 3

12. Tarkan ‘Dudu (Özgür Buldum Remix)’ Alb Tk 5 (3:54)

Tar-Kahn is a cultural icon in Turkish music, celebrated around the world with a huge following for song like Doo-Doo. Tar-khan sings: Goodbyes are never with tears, memories don’t stay quiet, love is no burden for the the loving part.

Turkish Groove, Putumayo World Music, 2006

13. Adrian Raso&Fanfare Ciocarlia ‘Charlatan’s Waltz’ #1040Tk 3 (2:54)

Joined by Fan-far-rey Cho-curl-lia, a popular twelve-piece Balkan Brass Band from the northeastern Romanian region., is Canadian Gypsy Jazz guitarist, Adrian Raso on Charlatan’s Waltz for their new 2014 release, Devil’s Tale.

Devil’s Tale, Asphalt Tango Records, 2014

14. Portico Quartet ‘Spinner’ CD1 Tk 7 (4:36)

Another group called the Portico Quartet are from London. Their sound is made partially distinctive by the use of the Hang, a 21st-century percussion instrument. The tune is called Spinner. 30 Real World AT WOMAD, Real World Records, 2012

15. Gotan Project ‘Una Música Brutal’ CD1 WW02 Tk 4 (4:09)

From France, here is the Gotan Project, one of the country’s most successful exports illuminating their unique take on Argentinian tango to worldwide audiences as showcased on musical work Una Moo-sica Brutal, A Brutal Music.

World 2002, Narada World, 2002

16. Cristina Pato ‘Remain Alert’ Alb Tk 6 (3:55)

Here’s a composition featuring Cristina Pato, bagpiper, pianist and composer. Pato is the first female Gah-lih-See-in bagpiper to record a solo album in Spain. From her album Migrations comes Remain Alert. Migrations, Sunnyside Communications, 2013

17. Gina Chavez ‘Fire Water’ #1040 Tk 5 (3:10)

Latin Pop Artist, Gina Chavez, from Austin, Texas. Her featured blend of sounds for the Americas includes Fire Water from her 2014 album release Up.Rooted.

Up.Rooted, Gina Chavez, 2014

18. Marian Anderson ‘My Lord What A Morning’ Tk 14 (3:26)

Contralto Marian Anderson, began her concert career in 1924. She rose above the social barriers of the time, eventually taking her permanent place with the Metropolitan Opera Company in 1955 as a featured member of the company. To learn more about Anderson visit the Odyssey Series feature on the Higher Ground webpage at WPR. Performing the spiritual My Lord What A Morning, here is Marian Anderson.

Spirituals, RCA, 1952

#1040 June.7.14 No. 4

19. Sarah Vaughan w/Studio Rio ‘Summertime’ Alb Tk 12 (3:28)

The distinctive of voice of American jazz icon Sarah Vaughan, enhanced by modern technology performs on a Brazilian groove of George Gershwin’s Summertime from the classic American opera Porgy and Bess.

The Brazil Connection, Sony Music Entertainment, 2014

20. String Sisters ‘The Champagne Jig Goes To Columbia/ Pat & Al’s Jig’ Alb Tk 14 (3:12)

The String Sisters, the Grammy long-listed folk super-group made up of six of the world’s leading women fiddlers – led by Shetland fiddler Catriona MacDonald who brought together friends and collaborators from Ireland, USA, Norway and Sweden. The String Sisters combine two works, the champagne Jig Goes to Columbia blended with Pat and Al’s Jig. Førde Traditional & World Music Festival 25th Anniversary Sampler (Songlines #99 Bonus CD), Songlines Magazine, April/may Issue, 2014

21. The Red Eyes ‘The Word’ Glbl Snds Tk 7 (3:37)

The Red Eyes Band is comprised of seven multi-instrumentalists who deliver an explosive live sound that combines skilled beats and full force dub rhythms that support heartfelt lyrics-in the end you get a fresh spin on the board reggae genre.

Global Sounds From Australia, Australian World Music Expo 2008-2010, #80 Songlines Issue Nov/Dec 2011, 2011

22. Joe Driscoll&Sekou Kouyate ‘Tanama’ Alb Tk 1 (3:29)

Speaking what they hold is the one common language in humanity, music are North American guitarist, Joe Driscoll and Kora performer, Sekou Kouyate talk on the work Tanama, the piece pays homage to the village Tanama in Central Burkina Faso – population 532. Faya, Cumbancha, 2014

23. Brian Hughes ‘Nasca Lines’ Cmpl Tk 1 (5:37)

Canadian jazz guitarist Brian Hughes is a well-traveled performer who music is no less informed as featured on Nasca Lines.

A World Instrumental Collection, Putumayo World Music, 1996

24. Toure Kunda ‘ Santhiaba Silo’ Alb Tk 3 (4:36)

Lured by the lights of Paris, Senegal’s Toure Kunda and his brothers thrived with their brand of Afrobeat music. Kunda and family perform Santhiaba Silo featuring keyboardist Bernie Worrell. The Best Of World Music: African, Rhino Records, 1993

#1040 June.7.14 No. 5

25. Mamani Keita ‘Kanou’ #1040 Tk 8 (3:52)

Born in Bamako, Mali, and raised in the Bam-ba-ra tradition of sustaining tribal oral history and music, here is Mamani Keita, known for her work with Malian artist Salif Keïta, and later producer Marc Minelli. This is the theme song from her latest solo album – Kanou with Keita singing about love, the other day I argued with my love, my husband, his hand no longer touches my neck, waist, my heart aches.

Kanou, 3D Family/All Other Music, 2014

26. Afro Celt Sound System ‘ Shadowman’ CD1 Tk 12 (6:41)

Afro Celt Sound System is a musical group that fuses modern electronic dance rhythms (trip-hop, techno, etc.) with traditional Irish (Celtic) and West African sounds – as featured on Shadowman. 30 Real World AT WOMAD, Real World Records, 2012

27. SonnyTerry/BrownieMcGhee‘I Was Born With The Blues’Tk2 (3:33)

One of the most popular blues duos reviving the style’s tradition heard in the 1950s and 60s is the Sonny Terry/Brownie McGhee combo-this is old school material straight ahead and innovative. Terry is on guitar and vocal part with McGhee on harmonica.

Acoustic America, Putumayo World Music, 2013

28. Justin Adams/Juldeh Camara ‘Nightwalk’ Alb Tk 1 (6:33)

A touch of dessert blues with voice, guitar, percussion with Justin Adams, English guitarist and composer and Gambian griot Judeh Camara performing from their album In Trance, Nightwalk. In Trance, Real World Records, 2011

29. Shanren ‘Left Foot Dance of The Yi’ #1040 Tk 4 (3:54)

Formed in 1999 in the remote and mysterious Yunnan province of southwest China, the region thought to have inspired the Shangri-la of James Hilton’s classic novel Lost Horizon, the band Shan-ren, meaning “mountain men,” have become one of China’s top indie folk bands. Shanren fuses indigenous music with rock, reggae, and ska, while showcasing a variety of traditional instruments including some from Africa like the Djembe drum and the Shekere rattle. Shanren performs the title song of their 2014 album, Left Foot Dance Of The Yi.

Left Foot Dance Of The Yi, World Music Network/Riverboat Records, Feb 25, 2014

30. She’Koyokh Klezmer Ens. ‘Hora De La Munte’ Alb Tk 1 (4:13)

Sheh-koyuk specializes in Jewish, Gypsy and Klezmer Music. She’Koyokh is a multi-lingual eight-piece British band whose members include a classically trained violinist and clarinettist, a Serbian accordionist, an American mandolin player, a Greek percussionist and a remarkable young singer who is a Turkish Kurd performing

Hora De La Munte – Time of the Munte.

Wild Goats and Unmarried Women, Riverboat Records, March 25, 2014

#1040 June.7.14 No. 6

31. Hanggai ‘Four Seasons’ Alb Tk 10 (5:07)

Here are sounds from the Mongolian grasslands where a Chinese folk revival lives well with featured groups like Hanggai, a folk group from Beijing, China specializing in a blend of Mongolian folk synced with more modern styles including punk rock in a country where genres such as Mando-Pop and Canto-Pop dominate mainstream airwaves. Hanggai plays the tune Four Seasons. Introducing Hanggai, World Music Network, 2008

32. Temenik Electric ‘Déouni’ Sglns #94 Tk 4 (4:00)

Teme-nik Electric is an artist who likes to experiment exuberantly with Mediterranean cultures and music with Deo-uni. Ouesh Hada?, Nomad’café, 2013

33. Laurence Cummings, Mark Chambers & Ryland Angel ‘Sound The Trumpet’ #1040 Tk 10 (2:44)

Two Counter Tenors share their unique sounding voices as a duet on Sound The Trumpet, composed by Henry Purcell whose compositional legacy well-rooted in an English style of Baroque Music. Counter-Tenor Duets and Song –Purcell and His Contemporaries, Deux-Elles Limited, 2000

34. Undersea Poem ‘Te Encontrar’ Alb Tk 12 (2:57)

As the planet earth gears up for World Cup fever in 2014, all eyes with be on Brazil, among the many thrills of the setting, will be a lot of music presented by groups such as Undersea Poem, and grooves like Ching-contrar, I’ll find you.

Six Degrees of Brazil, Vol. 2, Six Degrees Records, 2014

35. John Stewart ‘Irresistable Targets’ Alb Tk 2 (4:27)

John Coburn Stewart was an American songwriter and singer, known for his contributions to the American folk music movement of the 1960s. Stewart wrote Irresistable Targets, a musical essay about prejudice against those who are different.

The Best Of Folk Music – Contemporary Folk, Rhino Records/Putumayo Records, 1993

36. Mamani Keita ‘Marie Massa’ #1040 Tk 9 (3:13)

Born in Bamako, Mali, and raised in the Bam-ba-ra tradition of sustaining tribal oral history and music, here is Mamani Keita, known for her work with Malian artist Salif Keïta, and later producer Marc Minelli. Keita sings Marie Massa.

Kanou, 3D Family/All Other Music, 2014

37. Jomed ‘Montuno Noreño’ Alb Tk1 (4:22)

Performing Mon-too-no Noh-rain-yoh is the Algerian artist Jomed suited well to the musical trend in popular north African music blending Afro-Cuban and Middle Eastern music. The tune sung by Jomed, featuring the oud, a stringed predecessor of the Western guitar. Jomed laments that a lost love will one day return.

North African Groove, Putumayo Records, 2005

#1040 June.7.14 No. 7

38. Fri Flyt ‘Svarteper I Sandviken’ Alb Tk 15 (5:04)

Here’s a playful and sumptuous tune from the musical universe of accordionist Babriel Fliflet called Sauk-Day-Pear-ee Sahnd-viken, Black Peter In Sandviken. Sandviken is a traditional neighborhood in Bergen, Norway.

Music From Norway and Beyond by Etnisk Musikklubb, Songlines Magazine August/September, Issue #94

39. Syriana ‘Gharibb (Stranger)’ Alb Tk 3 (4:21)

In a place where imagination and reality overlap, producers Syriana and Dubulah conjure up images of the busy streets of Damascus with an invitational blend of movie-textured musical magic, Arabic percussion, western guitar and the mood of the Syrian desert with Gharibb – Stranger. The Road To Damascus, Real World Records, 2010

40. Preservation Hall Jazz BdJust A Closer Walk W.Thee’ #1040Tk 1 (5:43)

Taking its name from the Preservation Hall venue in the New Orleans’ French Quarter in the U.S., this is the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. The band is known for performing traditional New Orleans-style jazz. Preservation Hall provides a slow moving progression on the anthem Just A Closer Walk With Thee.

The Essential Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Sony BMG Music, 2007

41. Quantic Feat Nidia Góngora ‘La Plata’ Alb Tk 6 (4:45)

William Holland is a musician, DJ and record producer from Bewdley, Worcestershire. He is based in Colombia, where he records under various guises, notably, Quantic. With Columbian singer, Nee-jah Gó-go-rah Quantic presents Laaah Plata.

Magnetica, Tru Thoughts Records, 2014

42. Juju ‘Halanam’ Alb Tk 7 (7:09)

In West African cultures, Juju refers to a charm, amulet associated with magic or religion. Using the first two letters of their first names, the duo Justin Adams English guitarist and Juldeh Camara, Gambian griot collaborate on the tune Halanam, Tell Me What you need my friend, if I can I will help. In Trance, Real World Records, 2011

#1040 June.7.14 No. 8


8P Opening

1. Lo’Jo ‘El Cabo Blanco’ Alb Tk 1 (5:20)

Featuring Vincent Segal & Robert Wyatt… Low Joe are a group of France-based musicians, performing and recording a blend of world music with strong North African as well as French folk elements. Low Joe presents el Cabo Blanco (the White Out).

Cinéma El Mundo, Harmonia Mundi S.A./World Village, 2012

2. Rabih Abou-Khalil ‘Banker’s Banquet’ Alb Tk 8 (5:30)

Rabih Abou-Khalil born in Lebanon is a oud player and composer. Abou-Khalil’s compositions are unique. With his original compositional style, his unconstrained,

Approach, he has found a rhythmic and melodic musical language entirely his own.

Abou-Khalil and his “Mediterranean Quintet”. Perform a refreshing, yet strangely familiar music is delivered with a touch of humor. The work Banker’s Banquet reveals the flavor of his craft. Hungry People (Deluxe Ed.), Harmonia Mundi SA, 2012

3. Geoffrey Oryema ‘Piri Wango Iya’ Alb Tk 3 (2:38)

Geo-ffrey Or-ye-ma is an internationally renowned Ugandan musician. In 1977, at the age of 24 and at the height of Idi Amin‘s power, Oryema was smuggled across the Ugandan border in the trunk of a car, after the death of his father, a cabinet minister, beginning a life in exile. Today Geoffrey songs keep alive the languages of his youth, including Swahili and featuring Piri Wango Iya. Exile, Real World Records, 1990

4. Estrella Morente ‘Pepico’s Tangos’ CD1 WW02 Tk 11 (3:27)

Estrella Morente is an emerging Spanish flamenco singer performing Pepico’s Tan-go.

World 2002, Narada World, 2002

5. Joan Soriano ‘Unión’ Alb Tk 7 (3:37)

Hoor-an Sor-jano, aka El Duque, is a bachata singer and guitarist from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. His style is a blend of modern with traditional bachata as you’ll hear on the selection who-lee-on. (Cite Festival) La Familia Soriano, iASO, 2011

6. Quantic Feat Fruko And Michi Sarmiento ‘Descarga Cúantica’ Alb Tk 3 (4:11)

The Red Eyes Band is comprised of seven multi-instrumentalists who deliver an explosive live sound that combines skilled beats and full force dub rhythms that support heartfelt lyrics-in the end you get a fresh spin on the board reggae genre.

Magnetica, Tru Thoughts Records, 2014

#1040 June.7.14 No. 9


9P Opening

Alex Cuba ‘Suspiro en Falsete’ Alb Tk 2 (3:34)

Alexis Puentes better known by his stage name Alex Cuba, is a Cuban-Canadian singer-songwriter. Cuba won the 2010 Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. From his latest album Ruido En El Sis-tey-ma (Noise In The System), Cuba opens this edition of Higher Ground with Su-spiro en Fal-say-tey (Sigh In Falsetto).

Ruido En El Sistema, Caracol Records, 2012

2. Nuru Kane ‘Bayil (Violin Mix)’ Alb Tk 2 (4:30)

Nuru Kane is a Senegalese singer/songwriter who plays guitar, bass and guim-bri, the three-stringed Moroccan electric bass-like instrument. Kane was born and raised in Medina, Dakar, and his distinctive take on Senegalese music explores the connections between the music of North and West Africa – a musical journey across the Sahara. ‘Bayil (Violin Mix)’ It is bluesy, pulsating, electric, with beautifully melodic vocals with a swooping sweetly toned violin.

The Rough Guide To The Music of Senegal, World Music Network, 2012

3. Mighty Popo ‘Rwampunga’ Alb Tk 10 (5:09)

Use of the banjo and American instrument fashioned after the n’goni, an ancient West African instrument. The music Rwanda is well represented with the artist Mighty Popo and his work with traditional Rwandan roots music and a song about family history and the artist’s lineage tied to the Abiru-the high priest of ancient Rwanda, keeper of the dynastic codes. Popo plays R’wam-punga – a joyous song of welcome.

Gakondo, Borealis Records, 2011

4. Gigi ‘Twe Ante Sew’CD1 Tk 6 (4:18)

Gigi, is one of the most successful contemporary Ethiopian singers worldwide. Coming from an ancient tradition of song originating in the Ethiopian Church, she has brought the music of Ethiopia to wider appreciation and developed it in combination with a wide variety of other genres. She sings Tway Ahn-sew featuring acid-rocklike Afrobeat which makes this recording really funky. World 2002, Narada World, 2002

5. Sheila Chandra ‘Song To The Siren’ Alb Tk 1 (4:26)

Sheila Chandra is an English pop singer of Indian descent. As of today, she no longer performs. Her past includes performing Song To The Siren.

Gifted: Women Of The World, Real World Records, 2012

#1040 June.7.14 No. 10


10P Opening

1. Etta James ‘Willow Weep For Me’ Single Tk 1 (6:26)

Etta James, who passed away in January of 2012) was an American singer-songwriter. Her style spanned a variety of music genres including blues, R&B, soul, rock and roll, jazz and gospel. Starting her career in 1954, she gained fame with hits such as “The Wallflower“, “At Last“, “Tell Mama“, and “Something’s Got a Hold on Me“. This is James on Willow Weep For Me. Time After Time, BMG, 1995

2. Aakash Mittal & Debu Nayak ‘Jayanthi’ #1040 Tk 2 (7:36)

Here is taste of Hindustani Classical music featuring Aakash Mittal and Debu Nayak from the album, Exit 1 featuring the work “Jayanthi” meaning Victory in Hindi.

Exit 1, Nistha Raj, 2014

3. Shukar Collective ‘Verbal Fight’ Snls #99 Tk 12 (4:07)

Shukar Collective, a Romanian music group, calls their sound Urban Gypsy, fusing traditional Romany and electronic music as showcased on Verbal Fight.

Urban Gypsy, Riverboat Records, 2005

4. Musafir ‘Hanji Mara Lalou Sa’ Cmpl Tk 9 (2:52)

Conceived in France 1995 by Hameed Khan, a tabla player, is the group Musafir, meaning wanderers, a world-class gathering of musicians who bring to life a sound that is said to be sacred and sensual. Combining elaborate rhythms, electrifying Muslim qawwali chant, North Indian raga and the passionate songs and devotional dances from the dawn of gypsy culture as experienced on Han-gee Mah-rah La-Lou.

The Rough Guide To World Party, World Music Network, 2007

5. Violons Barbares ‘Saturday Yurt Fever’ #1040 Tk 6 (4:29)

The multi-national trio hailing from Mongolia, Bulgaria and France present Saturday Yurt Fever from their new release Sauleim Ai,

Sauleim Ai, World Village Records, 2014

#1040 June.7.14 No. 11


7P Close

Hollie Cook ‘Twice’ Alb tk 8 (4:52)

Twice, Mr. Bongo, 2014

8P Close

Quantic Feat Thalma De Freitas ‘Águas De Sorongo’ Tk 12 (6:18)

Magnetica, Tru Thoughts Records, 2014

9P Close

CD 2 Ghetto Blaster feat. Suliman Hakim & Princess Erika

‘Je M’Appelle Kiala’ Alb Tk 3 (5:07)

World 2004, Wrasse Records, 2004

10P Close

Sonora Carruseles ‘Ave Maria Lola’ Alb Tk 3 (4:08)

Heavy Salsa, Miami Records, 1999

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