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Let’s Keep The Music Going In Challenging Times

For Both Listeners And Musicians, The Web Provides Comfort And Opportunity

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A time of social distancing in response to the new coronavirus doesn’t mean we have to distance ourselves from music. As a “Simply Folk” listener recently remarked in an email to me, “Music is medicine.” And while we are swimming in music, from radio to the web to our own private collections, musicians have risen to the occasion to provide us with special songs of comfort in these trying times. Perhaps it’s time for us, the listeners and enjoyers of that music, to rise to the occasion for them as well.

Musicians from Yo-Yo Ma and Paul Simon to the girl down the street and someone’s grandmother have started posting new and old recordings of songs tagged #SongsOfComfort. You can find these on your favorite social media outlets, and here’s one from James Taylor:

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On the other side of the equation, many musicians are struggling to make ends meet and cover the basic expenses of life. If we want to continue to swim in music, we need to help support the folks who are providing us with that life-giving water — the musicians!

Many musicians are performing concerts on-line, complete with opportunities to tip them electronically, which is a great way to support an artist you like or a new one you’re discovering. The Wisconsin duo of Nikki Grossman and Joe Hart, otherwise known as the Sapsuckers, have started a Facebook group where you can find out about livestreaming concerts by independent musicians.

Also, if you’re a folk musician and want to list your live streaming concert, you can always do that on our “Simply Folk” calendar. Just be sure to put “LIVE STREAMING” in the title of the event.

You can also follow Simply Folk on Twitter and share your information there.

And, of course, it’s always good to go to the websites or Facebook pages of your favorite musicians. Odds are, they’ll have more information on any online concerts as well as opportunities to purchase their music and merchandise.

Let’s do what we can to make sure we all can enjoy #SongsOfComfort

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