A Look Back At Beyond The Ballot
WPR Election Season Project Connects With More Than 500 Wisconsin Residents

As we wrap up Beyond the Ballot, WPR’s 2018 election project, we want to say thank you to everyone who was interviewed for the project.

Between February and November, we interviewed more than 500 people. We met you at fairs, farmers markets, festivals, and other events. Some of you even reached out to us through our hotline and our website.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories. We learned so much from you.

Some Numbers

We interviewed 502 people, asking each person the same six questions. Of those people, we featured 80 people’s stories in our newscasts or on our website. Forty-nine people were featured on talk shows on The Ideas Network.

Our team of reporters interviewed people all over the state.


A Few Of Our Favorites

"The roads in my area are horrible, horrible, horrible," said Rachael Anderson of Kenosha. "Something needs to change. It's causing taxpayers tons of money every single year to deal with these crappy, crappy roads. I'm sick of it." Read more.

"The inner city do need some help," Helen Perkins of Milwaukee said. "There’s no building up. Building up is everywhere else but in the inner city." Read more.

"We don't have a lot of money to make big donations or host political party activism groups, but we're human and we have rights," said Brian Fruits of McFarland. "We can contribute to society. We can work, we can earn a salary and pay taxes, and we can be productive members of the community." Read more.

You can read all of the stories we told through Beyond The Ballot at www.wpr.org/ballot.

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