Wisconsin Supreme Court Punts On John Doe Records Fight

Court Leaves Decision On What To Do With Evidence To Brown County Circuit Judge

Entrance of Wisconsin Supreme Court
Photo Phiend (CC-BY-NC-ND)

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is punting for now on an ongoing fight over records collected during the now-closed secret investigation into Gov. Scott Walker and Republican groups.

The court Thursday decided to leave the decision on what to do with millions of pages of emails and other evidence collected during the probe up to a Brown County circuit judge assigned to the case.

The court also left it to Judge Kendall Kelley to determine whether secrecy orders had been violated.

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The Supreme Court in 2015 shut down the investigation after determining those targeted had not violated the law. Targets of the investigation argue material collected should be returned to them.

The court issued a unanimous 4-0 decision Thursday to leave the case with Kelley for now. Three justices did not participate.