Supreme Court Candidate Daley Vows To Not Legislate From The Bench

Daley Accuses Justice Ann Walsh Bradley Of Introducing Activism To The Court


The challenger in the April election for Supreme Court justice says he’s running to eliminate judicial activism on the court.

Speaking at the annual conference of the Wisconsin Counties Association, Rock County Judge James Daley presented a list of all the things he would not do if he defeats incumbent Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. At the top of that list is his pledge not to legislate from the bench.

“The rule of law must be put ahead of individual beliefs, personal agendas or partisan politics. I will not use my seat on the court to overturn the will of the people of Wisconsin in favor of my own personal beliefs,” said Daley.

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Daley accused Justice Bradley of doing just that, citing her dissents in the court’s rulings upholding Act 10 and the voter ID law. Bradley rejected the activist label, saying Daley just doesn’t agree with the rulings she’s written. The election is April 7.