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Superior Police Release Video Of Officer Punching Woman During Arrest

Woman Alleges Racially Motivated Police Brutality Following Incident

Police dash cam video captures Officer George Gothner punching Natasha Lancour with a closed fist. Image courtesy of Superior Police Department

The Superior Police Department has released video of an arrest earlier this month that showed a police officer punching a woman being taken into custody. The woman is charging police brutality.

Police responded to a report of a fight at a Superior lounge on Jan. 5 and arrested two men.

At that point, Officer George Gothner forced Natasha Lancour onto the hood of his squad car. Police dash cam video shows only part of the incident of Lancour being hit with a closed fist by Gothner, which the officer says was prompted by Lancour scratching his face.

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This excerpt is a few minutes later between Lancour and Gothner while they were riding in the squad car to the jail:

Lancour: “You are so wrong. You didn’t even warn me! You didn’t give me a chance! You just walked up on me and hit me. You’re wrong. I have never in my life been arrested! Ever! And you hit me?”

Lancour accused him of hitting her because she’s African-American. Gothner defended himself:

Gothner: “Can I tell you something? You see this here? This is a camera. Your whole actions were captured on camera.”

Lancour: “Exactly. Your No. 1 action?”

Gothner: “Yeah, your No. 1 action of hitting me first, OK?”

Lancour: “They were not normal. I don’t even give a f***, I’m right.”

Gothner: “You’re not right, so shut up.”

Lancour: “Until you do the right by me, everything you do will fail.”

Gothner: “There is no God so be quiet.”

Lancour: “There’s no God?”

Lancour was arrested for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. She in turn is alleging police brutality.

Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse said they’ve turned the case over the state Department of Criminal Investigation. LaGesse said a big reason for the new investigation is the police department has received a new video of the incident from a bystander.

“It reveals a view from a different angle, so when the officers moved past the front of the squad to the side of the car, the other video shows a view of that event,” said LaGesse.

As for Gothner, LaGesse said he’s on administrative leave.

“He is not working, but he will remain in paid status as required by Wisconsin statute,” LaGesse said.

Lancour’s attorney Rick Gondik applauds the decision to turn over the investigation over to the state.

“We both feel much better that it is going to an outside agency,” said Gondik. “I’ve never been a big fan of one agency policing their own. This is in our estimation a good thing.“

Gondik said this incident has taken its toll on Lancour, but that she is staying busy chasing down her five children.

Editor’s Note: The original version of this story featured a Youtube video of the incident. It has since been removed, due to its misleading title.

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