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Packers Fans Sue NFL Over Canceled Preseason Game

Attorney Seeking Reimbursement Beyond Ticket Price Refunds

Green Bay Packers Fans
David Richard/AP Photo

Four Green Bay Packers fans are suing the NFL over the last-minute cancelation of a preseason game earlier this month.

The team took the field Friday but their debut was originally scheduled for Aug. 7 in the Hall of Fame game, which was canceled minutes before kickoff due to problems with paint used on parts of the artificial turf.

The called game prompted a group of attendees to file a lawsuit against the league, as well as the NFL Museum Inc. and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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The hall initially agreed to refund the original purchaser of the ticket at face value but Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing the fans, said ticket price refunds aren’t enough.

“The fans should be compensated every dollar that they spent in connection with attending this game,” Avenatti said. “Whatever they spent on the tickets, plus all of their travel expenses, and any other expense they incurred to attend this game that was never played through no fault of the fans.”

Avenatti also represented fans who bought Super Bowl tickets for inaccessible seats in 2011 against the NFL. He said he hopes the organization changes the way it views fans.

“We’d like to see a fundamental shift in the way that the commissioner of the National Football League, its owners, and its executives view fans that are paying hard-earned dollars to attend these games,” Avenatti said.

A final figure on the amount the fans are seeking has not been determined yet, Avenatti said.