NRA Proposal Gets Mixed Reviews In Wisconsin


The National Rifle Association’s proposal to put armed police officers in every school in the nation is getting both yay’s and nay’s from state and local officials in Wisconsin.

The NRA’s proposal unveiled today calls on Congress to act now and put armed and trained security officers in every school before classes resume after the Christmas break.Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the plan proposed by NRA president Wayne La Pierre ignores the wide range of venues where mass shootings have taken place in recent years.

“He did not talk about having armed guards at Sikh temples or at salons, he did not talk about the fact that in November of 2009 at Fort Hood in Texas, you had an Army psychiatrist who killed 12 people and injured 31 others, a place where there are many many guns,” Barrett says.

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Barrett reiterated the solution he and other mayors have called for: a ban on guns with large bullet magazines that Barrett says are designed for mass murders.

The NRA’s plan is similar toone Wisconsin Attorney General J-B Van Hollen endorsed in interview earlier this week. Van Hollen called for in increase in the number police school liaison officers who can patrol schools on a daily basis.

“A program that’s been proven successful where its been instituted,” he said.”But there really isn’t the stomach there from the legislature to put more money towards police school liaisons but it might be the simplest solution that really doesn’t violate the rights or freedom of anybody who’s not violating the law.”

The NRA has pledged to provide training for the virtual armyof school security guards that would be needed to patrol every school in the country.A statement released by the state’s largest teacher’s union opposes the NRA plan and calls instead for keepingall guns off school grounds.