Milwaukee Police Chief’s Contract Renewed, As Homicides In City Increase

Ed Flynn Reappointed To Serve Another 4 Years


The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission decided Thursday evening to renew the contract of Police Chief Edward Flynn for the next four years.

With little discussion, and no formal public comments prior to their vote, the commission quickly offered Flynn another four years on the job. The new term begins in January, when Flynn’s current contract ends.

The reappointment comes as the city is seeing an extreme increase in murders. Seventy-four homicides have occurred in Milwaukee so far this year, double the number of homicides last year at this time.

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At murder victim vigil Thursday morning, Mo’ne Williams said Flynn should be assigning officers to patrol the streets more.

“There needs to be more patrolling. He is not doing enough. This should be a 24-hour job, on the hour every hour, because there is killing everyday,” she said.

Williams spoke as she mourned neighborhood resident, Tracey Howard, who was shot Sunday night.

Flynn spoke to the commission panel after the vote, acknowledging the surge in murders.

“Now undeniably, this year’s spike in gun violence illustrates improvements in crime control are not permanent. There is more work to be done, and I remain committed and energized to do this work,” said Flynn.

Flynn said he wants to find more ways to engage neighborhoods in crime prevention, and address a relative lack of trust in the police among many African-Americans in Milwaukee.