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Milwaukee Archbishop Hosts Vigil Amid Ongoing Gun Violence

Church Officials Say More Masses Are Coming

Amg910 / Wikimedia

As gun violence escalates in Milwaukee, Roman Catholic Archbishop Jerome Listecki is calling for peace and light in the city.

More than 80 percent of Milwaukee homicides this year have been shootings. Listecki led a “Mass for Peace” and a candlelight vigil on Thursday night, saying the events will bring hope and raise consciousness.

Listecki said that caring people aren’t alone in the fight against violence.

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“Evil likes to hide in darkness. When you shine a light on something, it raises the consciousness of people in terms of responding. I firmly believe there are a lot more people who are concerned about the city than what we really like to think of,” he said.

Nearly 100 people have been killed in Milwaukee this year, exceeding the total for all of last year.

Archdiocese officials said there will be two more masses for first-responders and victims in the coming months.