Law Enforcement Studies Up on Two-Wheeled Outlaws


The local Police Department, FBI, and law enforcement agencies from multiple states gathered in La Crosse Thursday to learn more about outlaw motorcycle gangs.

It is easy to spot motorcycle club members, with many sporting a giant club logo on the back of their leather jacket. While most groups are made up of serious bikers and weekend warriors, there are some clubs whose members are involved in the drug trade or have a history with violence.

La Crosse Police Lieutenant Troy Nedegaard says the area does not have much of a problem with the established outlaw motorcycle gangs. He says, “We are just more being cognizant of the fact that we do have individuals that may be part of a motorcycle group, or club, or gang. We just try to keep educated on that and then also try to keep in touch with them and reach out and have good communication, open communication with them.”

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Nedegaard says there are two motorcycle gangs in the La Crosse area. The Outlaw Motorcycle Club has eight chapters in Wisconsin including La Crosse, Janesville, and Milwaukee. The Hell’s Angels are more established in Minnesota.

Nedegaard adds that just because a person is a member of one of the organizations does not mean they are a criminal. “We don’t want to be judging them just on the fact they’re part of a motorcycle gang. We just want the community to know that we’re doing our part and will continue to do the best we can as far as taking enforcement when it needs to be.”

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there are more than 300 outlaw motorcycle gangs nationwide.