High Schoolers Post Gang Initiation Beating On Facebook


Five central Wisconsin high school students are facing criminal charges after an alleged gang initiation beating was posted on Facebook.

Police say they are keeping an eye on how teenagers use social media.

The students from D.C. Everest High School in Weston and Mosinee High School are in trouble because of the video which one of them put on Facebook.Captain Clay Schulz of the Everest Metro Police Department says some of the charges are felonies.

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“We have five juveniles that are being charged. Three of them are carrying charges of physical abuse to a child, criminal gang member solicitation and contact, and disorderly conduct.”

The 16-year-old victim was not seriously injured, but he and the girl who allegedly videotaped the beating also face charges. Schulz says police are routinely checking Facebook posts in their investigations.

“This type of particular behavior with the gang solicitation is very rare. But Facebook is becoming a pretty good tool for law enforcement. When we do any investigation, it’s something that we always seek out.”

Schulz says it amazes him to see what some teenagers are putting on Facebook.

“You’ll see young adolescent males smoking marijuana. Yeah, it’s astonishing. I’m pretty amazed at what is put on there and I don’t think they realize that this is being broadcast everywhere. Anybody can have access to this, including the police.”

Schulz says parents need to monitor how their kids use social media, and to be vigilant for possible criminal activity.

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