Eau Claire County Tries New Approach To Prosecuting Meth Users

'Methamphetamine Response Committee' Gives Individualized Attention To Low-Level Offenders

Skye Marthaler (CC-BY-SA)

A recent spike in methamphetamine-related arrests has led Eau Claire County to try a new approach in how it prosecutes abusers that focuses on individualized attention.

District Attorney Gary King said the number of people being sent to the Eau Claire County Jail for meth-related charges has doubled in the past year. This has led to the DA’s office, the county Health Department, the courts and probation agents to collaborate on what’s called the “Methamphetamine Response Committee.”

King said the initiative is designed to get users personalized attention as they go through the system.

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“We’re trying to get involved earlier on and get people tested, get people into a certain programming, potentially explore different treatment options, have them assessed to see what their needs are,” said King.

King said the ultimate goal is to divert low-level meth users from Eau Claire County’s jail and keep them from reoffending.