Drunk boaters in Wisconsin get a closer look this weekend


Law enforcement will be on the water in full force this weekend, trying to cut back on drunken boating.

With all of Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers, it’s not uncommon to see someone driving a boat while drinking a beer.

But law enforcement agencies across the country this weekend are trying to stop intoxicated operators. In Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources is teaming up with local law enforcement agencies for Operation Dry Water.

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DNR Boating Law Administrator Roy Zellmer says they’ll be heavily patrolling later in the day, a time when most accidents occur. He says he hopes the campaign creates a sober habit for boat operators, “If they can still enjoy themselves on the water and being aware that there’s going to be an increased presence of law enforcement folks and they haven’t drank as much, I’d like to think that would carry forward for the summer.”

It’s not illegal to consume alcohol while on the water. But, if a boat operator has a blood alcohol level of .08% or above, they’ll be arrested for operating while intoxicated.