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Dane County Ready To Challenge Gov’s Drug Testing Requirement

"Legal Remedies' Available Says County Executive

BobbbyLight (CC-BY)

Gov. Scott Walker won’t officially release his state budget until Tuesday. But one county is already gearing up to sue if it includes a drug testing requirement for those receiving government assistance.

Walker made a campaign promise to drug test childless adults who get W-2 welfare, FoodShare, Medicaid or unemployment insurance. He has said doing so would make it easier for people to get a job.

Dane County is exploring legal options against the proposal should it be included in the state budget. County Executive Joe Parisi said it’s humiliating for those in need, not to mention potentially expensive.

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“Depending on how it is worded and how it unfolds we believe there are legal remedies,” Parisi said. “We also believe that there’s no way the federal government will allow this to happen.”

Drug testing for FoodShare and Medicaid would require a federal waiver. The federal government prevented Georgia from drug testing those who get food stamps.