Court Rules Dontre Hamilton’s Constitutional Rights Were Violated By Officer

Family Of Shot Milwaukee Man Could Receive Damages


A federal judge has ruled that a Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot Dontre Hamilton in 2014 violated Hamilton’s constitutional rights by illegally patting him down for weapons.

The decision by U.S. District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller means Hamilton’s family could be entitled to receive damages from the officer, Christopher Manney, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel . Manney was fired for not following police procedures during the confrontation with Hamilton, but the officer was never charged with a crime. Hamilton’s family filed a civil suit against Manney.

The shooting happened when Manney approached Hamilton in a city park after receiving a report that he was asleep there. Manney came up behind Hamilton and patted him down. The two struggled and Hamilton got control of Manney’s baton. Manney shot Hamilton 14 times.

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