Arcadia Child Finds Sewing Needles In Halloween Candy

Arcadia Police Warn Parents To Check Candy Collected During Trick-Or-Treating

CarrieLu (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Officials in Arcadia are warning parents to check their children’s Halloween candy after one child found needles in several pieces of candy.

Arcadia Police Chief Diana Anderson said a parent called the department Wednesday morning after their child found sewing needles in two different pieces of candy from trick-or-treating.

“(The child) noticed that when they broke the Kit Kat bar in half that there was something shiny within,” Anderson said. “Later on, they also found another needle in what appeared to be a Sweet Tart taffy.”

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The candy was collected Tuesday night, but officials are still working to establish the source. Anderson said the department has not received any other reports so far.

“I’m guessing this evening once people start returning back home and actually being able to go through their children’s candy bags that they may find more,” Anderson said.

Anderson said she believes the needles were placed in the candy intentionally.

“I have a hard time believing it would happen at a manufacturer for the simple fact that both of these needles were placed lengthwise in it and the needles were completely intact,” she said.

Parents should discard candy collected last night unless they know who gave it out, Anderson advised.