Green Bay, WI
'It's Really Hard To Tell Where The Loudest Voices Are Coming From'
Eric Blumreich
Eric Blumreich

For Eric Blumreich of Green Bay, the most important issue this election season is campaign finance.

"It's really hard to tell where the loudest voices are coming from," he said.

Blumreich said he would like to see a limitation put on the amount of funding that can go into a campaign from Political Actions Committee's and other groups "so that we're able to really hear from candidates what their opinions are, and not from lobbyists."

More locally, Blumreich said he also cares about human trafficking in the Green Bay area, in part because of the people that the Green Bay Packers draw to the city throughout the year.

Blumreich would like to see local officials offer concrete plans on how to educate young people and families about the risks of trafficking, as well as an increase in services to people who have been victims.

"I don't think the community as a whole realizes how much of an issue we have there," he said.

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