Walker Says Most Owners Of Property Damaged By Storm Have Insurance

Governor Spent Tuesday Touring Areas Damaged By Thunderstorm, Tornadoes


Gov. Scott Walker, who spent Tuesday touring the storm damage caused by tornadoes in Platteville and Verona, said that it appears most of the owners of damaged homes in the two communities have sufficient insurance to make the necessary repairs.

In Verona, 19 homes were damaged, as well as an elementary school. City police say most of the residents will be able to get back into their homes by Wednesday.

Before touring the damage, Walker spoke with one home owner who had already been reimbursed by an insurance company.

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“At least one of the companies already cut a check to replace their two vehicles that were severely damaged,” said Walker. “We’ll be monitoring that to make sure that insurance that’s been purchased is followed through on.”

Walker said that the state would also make sure that “those without a safety net” would get assistance.

“The good news is that it appears that the property owners here and in other sites across the state are in pretty good shape, from what I’ve toured,” said Walker.

Some Verona residents near where the tornado touched down said they didn’t hear the warning siren. Others said they depended on their smart phones and texts from neighbors that urged them to get into their basements.

The governor said that he and first lady Tonette Walker were warned of the high winds that blew through Madison on Monday night by a phone alert.

“It’s the wonders of technology – not just relying on a siren but on our phones going off,” he said.

The National Weather Service says the damage in Verona was likely caused by two smaller tornadoes merging and then touching down.